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How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy When Traveling

There are many health aspects you will want to consider when you go traveling. Whether this involves a weekend break, package holiday, or even sporadic trips to new destinations, it isn’t just reducing the likelihood of illness that you need to keep in mind. Aside from this, you also want to be able to keep your eyes in great shape. Eye problems, especially when away from home, can be frightening, as well as detract from the experiences that you might have otherwise enjoyed.Keep Your Eyes Healthy while you travel won’t just help them for the duration of your journey.Here are tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Keep them Clean

Dirt in the eyes, whether from dust, general oils, debris, or even makeup, can lead to a build up and clog pores. A stye under eyelid consists of more than just an annoying bump. This can lead to severe irritation, soreness, and even blurred vision, which can make traveling dangerous, especially if you plan to lease a hire car. Cleaning your eyes regularly, and taking off makeup at night before you go to bed, can reduce your chances of developing one. You don’t need any fancy products to do so. A simple face wash with lukewarm water, as well as an exfoliating face cloth, can go a long way towards preventing styes and other infections. If one still does occur, and the stye doesn’t seem to have decreased in size after a few days, you may need to speak to a medical expert for advice or antibiotics.

Protect them from UV Rays

Your eyes can receive damage from ultraviolet rays all year round, not just in exceptionally sunny weather. There are a few ways that you can help to minimize this damage and keep your eyes healthier for longer. Investing in a pair of good quality sunglasses with UV protection can really go a long way here, especially when combined with a brimmed sun hat. Avoiding direct exposure to the sun, as well as not looking into bright lights, including the sun itself, will also help prevent burning your eyes. 

Keep Allergy Medication to Hand

Another problem that can lead to eye irritation is allergies. These can be caused by a number of factors, including the weather, pollen in the air, animal dander or saliva, as well as the foods that you consume. Even if you have no history of allergies, it is best to err on the side of caution and keep some over the counter allergy medications on your person. Allergies can cause the eyes to feel itchy and sore, increase moisture, and also make them feel blurred or swollen. On top of this, you may also have additional symptoms, such as sneezing, a runny or blocked nose, and even a scratchy throat. In combination, this can really put a dampener on your trip, especially if the symptoms last for a few days.

Protecting your eyes while you travel won’t just help them for the duration of your journey. It can also keep them protected for the future, especially when you take active steps to limit any potential long term damage. 

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