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How to Have a Cheap Nicaragua Vacation

Traveling can sometimes get expensive, especially if you take along the whole family. Luckily there are still a couple of things that can be done save when traveling, or places to visit that are free or cheap. All you need to do is a little research, there is always something! Let’s take a look at the different ways to achieve a cheap Nicaragua vacation.

Check out these things to do to get a cheap Nicaragua vacation:


There are two cheap things you can do. First there is the Cathedral of the city. It is the biggest cathedral in Central America and definitely worth checking out, even if you are not a catholic. It is a beautiful place filled with artwork.

For $2per person you also get to climb up to the roof top and explore the whole place. From here you get an amazing skyline view of the city.

The second one can be a learning experience for everyone. It is visiting the Gallery of Heroes and Martyrs. Here you get to learn about the civil war they suffered. It commemorates Leon’s fallen revolutionary heroes.

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This is a huge city, hard to explore on foot, guides charge a lot and it costs a fortune to go in taxi and you don’t get enough information. The best option of getting to know Granada is on a horse carriage. It only costs $10 for the hour. Your driver will take you to the most important streets of the city and tell you all there is to know.

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Masaya Volcano

This is one of thee most unique activities in Nicaragua. The Masaya volcano is a place where you get to look into the crater of an active volcano. This is something you can’t miss. To be able to get into this park all you have to pay are $10 for the car and the whole family.

Before getting to the crater, close to the entrance is the Visitors Center. In here you can see a museum, learn about the volcano and see a map of the park. There is also a place with tables where you can have a picnic.

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Ometepe Island

This large fresh water island can be easily explored in a fun and cheap way – by horse. It only costs $3 per hour and you get to ride in the middle of the forest and kids love it!

If you prefer, you can spend some time resting and having fun with the family at the small beach between the volcanoes that form this island. It is considered to be the prettiest freshwater beach in all of Nicaragua.


These are all great things that you can do on your vacation in Nicaragua that won´t leave your bank account empty, but most importantly, you will still have a great experience, enjoying all of these places to visit in Nicaragua.

Tips and Tricks for a Cheap Nicaragua Vacation


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  1. Some great ideas there. Being able to get that sort of view into a volcano must be an amazing experience.

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