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How to Guarantee Your Hotel Linen is a Luxury Asset

If your hotel linen is not up to standard, it is fairly guaranteed that your guests will complain, leave poor reviews and not come back for a return stay. Thankfully, picking good quality linen for hotel rooms is easy owing to the many advances in this industry. The reputation of a hotel relies on positive feedback across the board from guests, and if something as basic as the bedding is not hitting the mark, everything else will tumble after. Here is some advice for guaranteeing your hotel linen is a luxury asset. 

Research the Luxury Brands

Regardless of whether you handle your linen on-site or outsource it to an external company, the actual bedding itself has to be of a high standard in both cases. Source top quality products from top quality brands like this one, Take steps to ensure reliability, accountability, and credibility and that your bedding quality will match the expectations of clients. Making a strong B2B connection is a strong business move and it is vital to create dependable industry links, especially when it comes to areas of guest satisfaction. 

Check the Thread Count

Anything under 400 thread count is unacceptable for a luxury hotel. Preferably, there should be room in the budget for linen that exceeds this figure. Aim for 600 plus in all rooms, and go even higher for the top priced suites and bedrooms. A 1000 thread count will be the most luxurious bedding you can offer your guests, and if you are advertising luxury you should deliver a suitable product. 

Stick with Cotton

There are, in fact, many options for hotel linen just like domestic bedding. However, the best option for hotels tends to be cotton. Not only is it very durable, but it also washes well, retains colour and brightness, looks neat and it is highly adaptable to climate. These perks alone, combined with the high thread count availability, make cotton the clear winner above the other fabric choices. You could opt for a polycotton which would be nice quality but not as luxurious, or even a simple sateen percale if the vibe was right too. 

Keep it Clean and Tidy

How you make a bed is as important as what is on the actual furniture. Thorough room auditing will allow you to rule out any dirt, stains, or tears in the fabric before it is released to a guest. This is an essential part of housekeeping management and should be performed in every room that is due for check-in. Where the fabric has been compromised, even if it is a small discrepancy, it should be returned to the laundry room and replaced with something fresher. This is non-negotiable for the reputation of the hotel and the guest experience. Dirty linen is not something you want popping up on review sites!

Hotel linen has to be at least a little luxurious. It is such an important feature in a room that guests just don’t want to compromise their investment on. It really boosts a brand when it is done right and builds a more positive reputation. 

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