How to Get to Peanut Island

Peanut Island in Florida is a small, cute park off of the shores of West Palm Beach. This might not be a natural island, but it is beautiful and a great place for a relaxing day during vacation! As well as one of the most popular things to do in West Palm Beach.

It is an attraction located off of the Palm Beach coast that you can visit if you like to spend some time playing in the sand, camping, fishing, snorkeling around it, swimming, kayaking, having a picnic, or visiting the bomb shelter once used by President John F. Kennedy.

The island even has Freshwater Shower and Bathroom Facilities that you are more than welcome to use after your adventure is over.

This tiny man-made island can represent a full day of fun for travelers of all sorts. But you might be asking yourselves: how do I get there?

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How you get to Peanut Island:

a boat in peanut island

Photo By: HeyDanielle

There are a few fun options offered that can take you to this tiny island.

1. You can find cheap ferries or take a water taxi to Peanut Island. They will take you on a passenger’s boat for a short ride. It normally leaves the coast almost every thirty minutes. This is a great and very relaxing way to get to Peanut Island.

2. Private boat tours take you through crystal clear water towards a white sanded beach where you will spend a fun day in the sun. All you have to do is sit comfortably and enjoy the view, wind, and sun and relax!

Both of these services accept people of all ages, making them perfect for family vacations, romantic getaways, and groups of friends.

NOTE: when you visit the park, make sure to bring everything you might need to be comfortable. There are no shops in the park.

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Last Updated on October 4, 2023

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