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How to Get the Perfect Golf Swing in 4 Easy Steps

According to the National Golf Foundation, in 2019, 441 million rounds of golf were played on a golf course within the United States. Golf is a great sport for keeping socially distanced, but if you want the perfect golf swing, check out 4 simple steps to improve your game.

People interested in golf, whether for leisure or sport, decide to start playing on a golf course. But some beginner golfers may realize that their instinctual golf swing sequence is not right, and they are hitting their ball inconsistently.

How do you create a good golf swing for beginners? If you want to find out the best way to get a perfect golf swing, keep on reading!

Perfect Golf Swing

4 Steps to the Perfect Golf Swing

1. Hold Your Club Grip in Your Palm

When trying to hold your club properly in your hands, it shouldn’t be resting directly on your fingers. Rather, your fingers need to wrap themselves around the club. The more you keep a strong grip, the better the power in your swing will be.

While holding on to your club, let the other areas of your arms hang relaxed so you don’t feel rigid leading up to the swing.

2. Keep Your Head Down and Have an Eye on the Ball

Keep your head straight while letting your eyes maintain contact on the ball during the swing. You should not focus your attention on the moving club since you will lose your place. When keeping your head down and focusing your eyes on the ball, your arms will be able to track its movement during the downswing and hit the golf ball accurately. Since golf is played by people of all ages, both children and the elderly, it is often a problem for the latter to see the ball. Therefore, special colored golf balls for seniors were invented for them.

3. Bend Your Knees

The point of having your knees bent is that it allows the club’s head to stay steady on the ground. Also, you will be able to see where the ball should be located when taking this stance. The center of the club should be lined up with your ball.

Some important notes to remember: If you are bending your arms during the swing, you are too close to the ball. If you have to stretch your body so your club can make contact with the ball, you are too far from it and should adjust your stance.

Long-time golfing professional Carolyn Heller also strongly recommends to not bend your back to compensate for bending your knees. So here’s the perfect solution for tall golfers struggling with their stance.

4. Start Your Swing

Let your body work as one unit to build the force needed to hit the ball. If you have followed the above steps, you should be able to use your hand-eye coordination to make your club hit the golf ball. Slightly twist your torso when you are halfway through the swing.

If this does not happen, your tee will face the brunt of your swing and be knocked off your desired spot. Therefore, you should use a good quality tee like the ones from Yatta Golf that will keep itself rooted to the ground and stay still.

Use These Golf Swing Basics to Get the Perfect Golf Swing

When first starting to play golf, it takes a little while to get used to golf swing basics. Use the steps above to create the perfect golf swing for you in your next game!

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