How To Get To Roatan: From Utila to Roatan, Bay Islands of Honduras

Roatan is the largest and most popular of the Bay Islands of Honduras – and for good reason. It has the most beautiful beaches, great snorkeling, and diving, top notch resorts, and hotels. It’s also the easiest to get to – they have an international airport, with plenty of ferry service from the main land.

Utila, it’s a neighboring island, is much smaller and less popular because its main attraction is DIVING! It’s also known for its budget hotels and Utila resorts, and backpacker feel. Needless to say, it’s not as easy to get to with ferry services or domestic flights mainly from the mainland.

So How Do You Travel Between the Bay Islands of honduras – From Roatan to Utila?

(Getting to Roatan Honduras without ever touching mainland Honduras)

1. Captain Vern’s Catamaran Tour

This is a great option, because not only do you get to go between one island to the other, but you get a catamaran tour on the Caribbean Sea. Captain Vern is a long-time resident of Roatan and has been sailing and Catamaraning these waters for well over 15 years.

a kid and boat in bay islands of honduras

The boat is large enough with a comfortable sitting area by the captain’s seat outside with benches under a shaded roof top.

getting to roatan island in honduras by boat

If it rains, lucky for us it didn’t, there is a big room inside around a table and a large comfortable bathroom (which was a great surprise!)

bathroom in a boat while traveling to roatan in honduras

But why sit in the back and miss all the fun? In the front of the boat he made a huge net cover that is solid and can hold a bunch of people sprawled out.

net covering on catamaran sail to roatan in honduras

Or, if you have strong sea legs, (not me) you can run around from one end to the other.

catamaran sail boat for kids in roatan

But the best part, is the dolphin welcoming/leading committee that played with us for over 30 minutes!

dolphin spotting caribbean - catamaran tour in honduras

The ride is about 3.5 hours which is long for adults but can be excruciating for parents with kids since the kids start to say they are bored after one hour and insist on being entertained.  So check this out – Captain Vern’s crewmate is a great lady who comes equipped with art supplies to keep kids occupied while you get to either watch the sea or in my case sleep (due to seasickness). How grateful was I!

kid friendly - catamaran tour - arts and crafts


The catamaran leaves daily at 6 am from Utila and at 1 pm from Roatan.

2. Flights to Roatan island: CM Airlines

There is only one airline that works between Roatan and Utila. It’s a 15 minute flight and if you short on time, it’s definitely recommended. The only real issue with them is that they have a VERY limited schedule, so if you want to fly, you’ll need to work it into your itinerary to go along with their flights!

propeller small charter plane flight from Roatan to Utila honduras

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Bay Islands of Honduras – How to Get From Utila to Roatan

Last Updated on September 21, 2023

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  1. You’re lucky. Capt Vern didn’t have a female cohort on board when I took the catamaran. Luckily Tigger had his DS.

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  3. If you’re interested in a direct flight between Utila and Roatan fly with Island Air.; a fully licensed, US owned, operated and maintained twin engine aircraft. THE BEST.

    1. Thanks Angelo,

      We flew from Roatan to Utila, but it was a different airline. I guess this is a new one?

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