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How To Get Around New York City

New York City is one of the easiest and most accessible cities to get around. Aside from being the perfect walking city, the NYC subway system is fantastic, the buses go where the subways don’t, and how about the 14,000 yellow cabs that are everywhere to be hailed in seconds.

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new york city subway system

How To Get Around NYC

New York City Subway

nyc public transportation system

How To Buy and Use The Subway Metro Card in NYC?

To buy your first metro card, you must do it inside a subway station that has a teller. Otherwise, you can not refill it nor go on a bus.

The first card will cost you $1, and then you can add easily at any metro card vending spot, which is at practically every subway station.

You must have money on the card before getting on the bus.

nyc subway metro card machines
Metro Card Machines

New York City Subway Map

Bus System

How To Get Around New York City
Having fun on NYC Bus

Manhattan Bus Map

NYC Yellow Cabs

yellow cab NYC

You can pay with a credit card in NY. Just make sure the meter is running, and you’re not being ripped off. Which is rare these days since there are so many regulations.

And if you’re bored while you are in the Cab, you get to watch TV, cable, and even can do a pay-per-watch show or movie.

Inside a Yellow Cab
Inside a Yellow Cab

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Fun Facts About the New York City Subway System

nyc subway system

  • In 1898  the City of New York started an underground subway system.

  • The subway system began during the War of Currents when Thomas Edison and his opponent, George Westinghouse, struggled over the acceptance of direct current or alternating current as the standard way to deliver electricity.

  • It is the most extensive public transportation system in the world, with 468 stations in operation.

  • The New York City Subway is also one of the world’s oldest public transit systems.

grand central station nyc subway system
Subway Station at Grand Central Station
  • By annual ridership, the New York City Subway is the busiest rapid transit rail system in the United States, as well as the seventh-busiest rapid transit rail system in the world.

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Fun Facts About NYC Yellow Cabs

  • In 1999 241 million passengers rode in New York taxicabs.
  • The taxicab gets its name from the 1891 invention of the taximeter, an instrument used to measure the distance and time a car has traveled.
  • In 1899 taxi driver Jacob German was the first person to be arrested for speeding in New York.
  • Today, more than 14,000 licensed yellow cabs operate in Manhattan alone.
  • During the 1907s and ’80s many drivers abandoned their cabs forever as violent crime increased in the city. Bulletproof partitions went up, dividing passengers and drivers.

How To Get Around New York City – Short Guide

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