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How to Get Around Central America

This thin strip of land that connects North and South America is famous for its forests, beaches, bio diversity and the ruins of ancient cultures. Although they are very similar, the cultures that you can find in each, offer particularities that make them unique. It is definitely worth spending some time exploring these 7 countries.

Knowing the best way for you to get around in a country can be a bit stressful, especially in Central America, where many roads are not very well taken care of.

Here are 4 options that you have for getting around in Central America:

1. Plane – You will not have any trouble finding an international airport, smaller local airports and cheap airline tickets to many of the main destinations in Central America.

2. Bus – Big bus companies, where you have to get a ticker beforehand are the most recommended. They often offer international trips, and you will be comfortable. Buses from the public transportation system (chiken buses) are not recommended.

3. Taxi – You will find tons of taxis or smaller vehicles called Tuk Tuks that can take you to the nearby destinations or around within a large city.

4. Car – Many car rental companies don’t allow travelers to take cars outside of the country. But if you do a good research, you might find larger, international companies that will make your life easier. Also keep in mind that some of the roads might be in bad conditions or without proper signalization or lighting.

If you are on the Caribbean coast, also make sure to ask about the boat taxi services.

As you can see, the only form of transportation that isn’t available in Central America for travelers are trains.

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