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How to Find the Best Machete for Survival

Do you consider yourself a survivalist?  Do you have an emergency survival kit, or something akin to that?  Well, picking the components for it can be rather complicated.  There’s so much gear on the market, finding the best quality stuff isn’t always easy.

When do you think about all the things that you might want in an emergency kit or pack like that, what comes to mind?  There’s probably going to be some food, some safe drinking water in bottles, and other things like a lighter and maybe even matches.  However, we also need something that allows us to protect ourselves.

As you can see in articles like this one, keeping ourselves safe in the case of an emergency is no laughing matter.  That’s why being armed is such a big deal.  Although the initial instinct might be to get a gun or firearms, there are other options that you might want to invest in as well.

a machate on a tree

Machetes: What are they?

Interestingly enough, machetes are far from just being a weapon.  Rather, they’re a valuable tool for a lot of other purposes as well.  Most of it has to do with what they were originally designed for.

Did you know that the modern version of them is based on a tool used for cutting crops back in Medieval Europe?  Although blades like this have been seen all over the world throughout much of our history, the industrial revolution that came later on meant that they were phased out as agricultural tools in Europe and much of North America.

Despite that, they’re still used all across the globe for all sorts of things.  Namely, they can easily sheer through a lot of different plants and brushes. In a survivalist context, it isn’t hard to see how useful that sort of tool could be.

Now, you can learn a bit more about what they are here,, if you’re not overly familiar with them.  That said, we’ll move on to some of the other uses for one and why it should probably have a place in your emergency packs.

woman using a machate

Why are they so Useful?

While our first instinct when we hear the word “machete” might be someone holding a scary sword in a fighting video game, in reality, they’re much more practical.  Most of the time they’re certainly not as cartoonishly large as we see in the media.  Instead, they range pretty vastly in size and even shape.

Depending on where you are, the “perfect” machete for you will probably look different.  That’s why most sellers offer a pretty nice variety of them.  Think about what you’ll be using it for.

Are you someone who enjoys hiking or camping out in the woods, with just your survival skills on your side?  For the thrill-seekers out there, you might want to pack a few with you.  A smaller one can be used to cut up food or carve things, while a larger one might be able to cut away brush or debris that’s in your way.

If that’s not really your style, you might want to look for something a bit different.  As far as self-defense goes, they aren’t necessarily most people’s first choice, but it can certainly work.  Still, since portability is critical for defense tools, you’ll probably want to opt for something on the smaller side.

What about hobbyists, though?  Woodcarving is something that a lot of people really enjoy, and before you get to the more precise carving, a machete can be used to get the basic shape.  Although it might call for one with a smaller blade, it still is the right tool for the job. 

How Should We Pick One?

Here’s where things can get a little bit more complicated.  When it comes to something like picking the best machete for survival, there are just a lot of different factors that you’ll want to take into consideration.  The biggest thing is, of course, what you intend to use it for – that was detailed above, though.

Beyond that, what should we be considering?  Size and weight is one of them, naturally.  Do you want the machete to be portable and light, or are you looking for a heavy-duty tool instead?  All of this plays a role in what you might want to shop for.

Does the appearance of it matter to you?  Although not everyone will be prioritizing them, there are certainly plenty of people who want their machete to be both functional and aesthetically appealing.  Whether that’s looking rugged and old-fashioned or sleek and modern, you can find both sides of the equation in most retailers.

As far as other things that you may want to look into, there are a few to keep in mind.  Obviously, for most, price is going to be a pretty big sticking point.  We have to strike a careful balance between getting a high-quality tool and paying an arm and a leg for one, right?  So, if you’re able to find deals or sales, it may be worth taking advantage of.

Durability and sharpness are also important.  No one wants to spend money on a tool like this that they expect to last them for years only to find out that it’ll break after a few months.  That sort of cheap material just won’t work in survival situations.

For that reason, you might want to check out some reviews to see what other customers like you have to say about the machetes that are on the market.  Like the review above, try finding ones that list out the pros and cons to ensure that you’re getting the full picture every time.  

No matter what your preferences are for a machete, you should be able to find one that suits your needs.  You don’t have to break the bank to do so, either – just make sure that you are wielding it safely and responsibly.  It’s probably not a good idea to go waving one around at an event or something.

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