How To Find Great Beach Resorts In Costa Rica

aerial view of a beach front resort in costa rica
Costa Rica is home to a ton of world-class beaches and has no shortage of beach resorts that will let you stay a few steps away from the beach.

Costa Rica is renowned as one of the world’s happiest, captivating, greenest, and biodiverse countries. There are so many amazing things you can see and do in this country, including the possibility of sleeping in a converted 727 plane, visiting erupting volcanoes, hiking, or going white-water rafting if you are feeling adventurous.

Even better, It boasts hundreds of exquisite beaches on its Pacific and Caribbean fronts, and there are tons of 4-star and 5-star luxury resorts just ahead of these beaches.

But, with a plethora of great beach resorts In Costa Rica, genuinely tailored to every travel style, it is normal for you to be confused when it comes to selecting one.

Yet, by using just a few useful tips, some of which I will list below, you will manage to find the most amazing beach resort in this country and thus enjoy your entire stay.

So, let’s have a look at those tips. By using just a few useful tips, you will manage to find the most amazing beach resorts In Costa Rica and thus enjoy your entire stay. 

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Criteria For Selecting A Great Beach Resort

The fact that you are already here, though, tells me that you are ready to visit this country and that you are in the process of choosing the perfect place where you’ll stay during your vacation.

How about you find a beach resort that will provide you with basically everything you need to get an amazing holiday experience? If that sounds like something that you would love, then you should start searching right away.

Browse The Internet

We all start our research the same way today, regardless of what it is that we are looking for. In a few words, we turn to the Internet for help.

Well, you should certainly do the same when searching for these beach resorts as well, because the Internet will certainly help you enormously.

You can find out everything you need to know by browsing the World Wide Web for information. So, this is how you should start your hunt for beach resorts in Costa Rica.

Check Social Media

In addition to simply using your browser to hunt for information, you should do one more thing that will undoubtedly come quite in handy. In simple words, you should check social media for information.

If you don’t know how to search for these types of information using social media, let me give you a quick but useful explanation. As you already know, there are all kinds of pages and groups that you can find and join through your social media accounts.

So, why not use that to your advantage and search for those pages and groups that have to do with Costa Rica beach resorts? All you have to do is type in the words and let your social media platforms find and suggest those pages and groups.

Most likely, by joining these, you will be able to find some very useful information regarding the quality of certain beach resorts that you might be thinking of visiting and staying at. The best part is that people will love talking about their experiences with those places, meaning that they will leave some useful comments for you.

Talk To A Few People

Apart from waiting for people to leave comments and scrolling through those pages in search of any relevant information, there is another thing you can do.

You can pose your question in those groups or perhaps connect to a few people directly and let them tell you about their experiences with Costa Rica and with particular beach resorts.

Both of these things will certainly be of huge help, and you will get a great insight into what your vacation in this country will look like, as well as what it is that you should expect from certain places and accommodation areas.

Criteria For Selecting A Great Beach Resort in costa rica
Enjoy all the amenities of resorts, swim in its stunning beaches, and try delicious food while staying close to a relaxing beach.

Try & Connect To Locals

Now, this might be a long shot, but it is worth a try. If you can connect to Costa Rica locals through those social media platforms or any other means of communication, then you should do it.

This way, you will get to find out first-hand about how great certain beach resorts in Costa Rica are, as well as how poor and low in quality some others might be.

In a few words, the locals you connect to will share plenty of useful information, which will bring you one step closer to making your final decision.

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Find Online Reviews

Sometimes, the option of connecting to the locals is not a feasible one. That shouldn’t get you discouraged, as there are still other methods of figuring out how happy people are with certain beach resorts in Costa Rica or how unhappy they are with some of those.

All you will have to do is find and thoroughly read some online reviews that previous visitors have written and left on certain websites, including the official websites of particular resorts. If you find that a lot of people are complaining about their experiences with specific places, the best thing would be for you to avoid those places.

On the other hand, if people are generally saying great things about particular beach resorts in Costa Rica, then this should be your sign that those are worth checking out in more detail. So, read those reviews and find out what people think about some places before you decide to visit them.

Compare The Costs

Of course, you will also have to compare the prices offered by different places, as you want to find something that is within your budget.

There’s no doubt that you already have a specific budget in mind and that you would like to stick to it.

Well, do some comparisons and some thorough research, and you’ll undoubtedly be able to find the best place for you at a reasonable cost.

view of Bahía Waffer from a hill in Isla del Coco Costa Rica
A good draw of Costa Rica is that you can find the resort in the most popular areas, from Osa Peninsula to Guanacaste and Manuel Antonio

The Best Beachfront Resorts In Costa Rica

Lapa Rios Lodge: Best Eco-Lodge Resort In Costa Rica

Set in the lush Osa Peninsula, Lapa Rios Lodge is a dream come true destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Imagine waking up to the sounds of howler monkeys or spotting a three-toed sloth lazily moving through the canopy.

The lodge, a haven for over 300 bird species, tapirs, and the elusive silky anteater, offers the best of Costa Rica’s wildlife right at your doorstep. What’s captivating is its proximity to Corcovado National Park, a biodiversity hotspot. The bungalows here blend seamlessly with the jungle, offering stunning ocean views and private balconies, perfect for nature watching.

Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo: Best 5-Star Resort In Costa Rica

On the serene Papagayo Peninsula, the Four Seasons resort is a symbol of luxury. It’s a paradise for multigenerational families. The resort’s guest rooms and suites are a blend of comfort and opulence, with deep soaking tubs and exclusive Natura Bisse bath amenities.

The plunge pools and multi-bedroom villas offer expansive terraces for that perfect indoor-outdoor living. What makes it stand out is the attention to children’s amenities. From the tropical setting to the lounges and beach club, every corner whispers luxury.

The Westin Reserva Conchal- An All-Inclusive Golf Resort And Spa

Located in the Guanacaste Province, The Westin Reserva Conchal is known for an all-inclusive beach vacation. Trust me, it’s a haven for those who love the traditional all-inclusive experience with its 24-hour room service, complimentary minibar, and freshwater lagoon-style pool.

The resort’s 18-hole golf course and tennis courts add to its allure. With a full-service spa, state-of-the-art gym, and nine restaurants, it’s hard to find a dull moment here. The guest rooms, including those with bunk beds, cater to both couples and families. The direct beach access and over-the-top pools are the cherries on top.

beach in corcovado national park costa rica
From tranquil beaches to amazing waves for surfing, you can find a beach and a resort in Costa Rica suitable for your needs.

Hotel Nantipa, A Tico Beach Experience – Best Boutique Resort In Costa Rica

In the heart of Santa Teresa, Hotel Nantipa offers a unique boutique experience. This resort is a gem for free-spirited travelers who crave a local vibe. The bungalows and rooms here are an ode to tropical luxury, featuring private plunge pools, outdoor showers, and private terraces with hammocks.

The beachfront resort’s intimate setting allows for a personal connection with Costa Rica’s natural beauty. It’s a place where the ocean, the beach, and the jungle meet, creating a serene and authentic Costa Rican beach resort experience.

Arenas Del Mar Beachfront And Rainforest Resort – Best Resort For Beach Lovers In Costa Rica

Nestled in Manuel Antonio, Arenas Del Mar is where luxury meets the ocean. It’s ideal for families seeking barefoot luxury, this beachfront resort sits within an 11-acre private nature reserve. It boasts access to two stunning beaches, Playitas Beach and Espadilla Beach, perfect for those who love the surf and sand.

The property’s rooms and suites offer breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, complemented by an outdoor swimming pool and a beach club. The resort’s commitment to sustainability adds to its charm. Whether lounging by the coastline or indulging in the resort’s activities, Arenas Del Mar makes every moment a celebration of the tropical paradise that is Costa Rica.

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