How to Ensure Your Car Will Be Shipped Safely

Auto-shipping allows you to relocate to a different state or even country with your car. Sadly, so many things can go wrong while on the road. In fact, if you choose the wrong shipping company, complications can arise long before the car is picked for transit.To avoid such a disaster, we’ve prepared several incredible tips that will help you ready your vehicle for shipping.Auto-shipping allows you to relocate car.To avoid disaster,we’ve prepared incredible tips that will help you ready your vehicle for shipping.

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  1. Remove Your Personal Belongings

Your personal belongings are not the responsibility of the auto-transporter you’ve hired. Therefore, inspect your car and remove all valuable items. This includes charging cables, water bottles, GPS devices, sunglasses, delicate documents like insurance and personal paper works, etc. Don’t forget to check the glove compartment. 

Removing your personal belongings reduces the risk of theft, losses, and other issues. Remember, your insurance probably doesn’t cover these items, so you won’t receive any compensation in case something happens to them during transportation.

  1. Wash the Car

Is there a point in cleaning my car before it’s shipped? Yes, there is. A clean car makes it easy to notice damages present before the vehicle is shipped. 

So, give your car a squeaky clean wash before handing it over. You should clean the interior as well and document any issues that you may notice.

  1. Get Your Documents in Order

Collect all the relevant paperwork in advance for the provider of transporting cars to smoothen the shipping process. You can speak to the auto transporter you’ve hired to get details on all the documents they require before shipping a car. 

Although some details may vary from one transporter to the next, all of them usually ask for the following documents:

  • Insurance
  • Vehicle title
  • Proof of ownership
  • Car registration details
  • Personal identification documents like a passport and driving license
  1. Disable Anti-theft System

Yes, you read that right. Before handing over your car, disable alarms and other anti-theft systems. Why? Because drivers of the auto transporters need unrestricted access to your vehicle. 

Remember, they’ll have to move it during the different stages of transportation. Limiting their access leads to major inconveniences on the road. Some transporters could actually impose a penalty for such an issue. Do not leave without handing the driver the keys. Ensure you have an extra set of keys on you.

  1. Make Sure the Car Is in Good Driving Condition

relocate car

Don’t skip your routine maintenance because your car is about to be shipped. This can easily lead to a costly disaster. If your vehicle cannot be driven off the truck or ship for some reason, the transporter will probably add a fine for affecting their operations.

Take your car for maintenance before handing it over to avoid these unnecessary expenses. Have it checked for battery charge, tire pressure, and battery fluids like brake, oil, coolant, washer, and power steering.

Speaking of fluids, ensure your car is not leaking oil. This is critical because it can put your car and the transporter in danger. And if your car is being shipped in a trailer, leaking fluids can damage the other vehicles during transit.

Another great option is to ship the car. Here is some idea of how much does it cost to ship a car.

  1. Empty the Gas Tank

It’s recommended to leave around a quarter gallon of gas in the tank. This should be enough for any driving the transporter will do in your vehicle during transportation. It should also be enough for when you go to pick it up.

Another benefit of emptying your gas tank is it reduces the shipping fee. A full tank increases the weight of the vehicle hence raising the car shipping quote from the transporter. That extra weight may seem insignificant, but it can affect even the cheapest car shipping options. Avoid the unnecessary expense by draining the tank.

  1. Capture Images of the Car

This is critical for documenting the state of the vehicle before transportation. Move around the car, taking quality images. Do some close-ups for dents, scratches, and any other visible issues. These images should show the extent of present damages as clearly as possible.

The photographs will help you when filing the condition report of the car. You should also keep them safe while relocating to your new home since they’ll serve as a reference point in case your vehicle suffers new damages along the road.

  1. Leave Some Notes for the Driver

Before parting ways with the auto transporters, leave some notes on any key details you think they need to be aware of. This can include mechanical and other special problems.

Auto-shipping can be a delicate endeavor if you do not take the necessary measures beforehand. Follow the above guide to prepare your vehicle and hire the right professionals for the job.

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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