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How to Ensure Foster Kids Enjoy a Holiday with a New Family

Although the school holidays are over, it’s never too early to start planning next year’s family holiday since it gives you plenty of time to save up. A family holiday provides you with a change of scenery and activities that cannot be enjoyed during the term. Here is what you need to know beforehand and some ideas for a family getaway with your long-term foster child.

Planning for Family Holidays with a Foster Child

Although your foster child’s social worker will actively encourage you to take your foster child on holiday trips, you will still need to get written permission. If there are any circumstances making it impossible to take foster children on holiday, you will be informed when they are first placed with you. It will be necessary to check up on their vaccinations when traveling to certain areas.

Your holiday accommodation should comply with the home requirement that the foster child must have their own room. If you regularly take family holidays in a camper van, there may not be sufficient room to meet this stipulation, and it would require you to make alternate arrangements. Such issues should be thoroughly discussed with the social worker to determine what is in the foster child’s best interests. 

An Active Holiday

The UK has so much in the way of beautiful scenery, beaches, heated swimming pools, castles to explore, hikes, and endless activities to do as a family. Make sure you spend at least half of each day engaged in something physically challenging, like learning to sail a boat, and the other half in uncensored activities such as swimming. Enjoy local meals and some places will pack a picnic basket for a hiking session. The new locale, with plenty of body movement and escape from the mind, will all prepare the children for a restful evening around a fireplace telling stories and drinking cocoa. 

A Restorative Holiday

There is nothing more restorative than a holiday in a quiet nature setting. Perhaps the year has gone well on the surface, despite the expected tensions of a new family member and their adjustment to their new living conditions. Nevertheless, if you have been holding your collective breath, it is time to get out into nature and take in the pure air and soothing scenery. 

A camping holiday is ideal for its natural environment and the perfect time to teach all the children some outdoor skills and encourage bonding. This is one of the many advantages of fostering through agencies that make provision for such holidays. Agencies like will provide you with an allowance to cover all the costs associated with fostering a child. In addition, they recognize you as a professional by paying you for your services. This enables you to dedicate yourself to the well-being of your foster child.

A family holiday provides a great environment for foster kids to enjoy themselves and let go of some of the stress they carry around inside them. Many of these children miss their birth families, but cannot be with them. Holidays provide opportunities to cement bonds and heal.

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