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How to Easily Build Your Own Camper Van

If you ever fancy the van life, it’s crucial to put everything in place and build yours from scratch. The process is not complicated, and you might need a few tools and materials for the job. Self-making the camper van lets you customize it according to your preference and gives you an idea of repairing it when it breaks down. The cost is also affordable. This article explains how easily you can build your van with a few materials and tools. First, you will need to research and put your sketch down and collect the materials and tools before following the step-to-step procedure. First, start with sketching.How easily you can Build Your Own Camper Van with a few materials and tools.This article explains step-to-step procedure Build Camper Van.

7 Steps to Build Your Own Camper Van

1. Sketch your van and make the layout

After having your van ready, it’s essential to have a rough sketch of how you would want your campervan to look to avoid destroying the van, wasting the materials, and wasting time in the process. According to experts from this site, the right sketch will help you plan where to fix the bed, fridge, drawers, tables, and other furniture. You will have to take the correct measurements as possible to ensure everything fits since space counts on a camper van. After you are done with the sketch, it’s time to carry on with the layout. Use a tape measure, masking tape, and make a 3D impression of your camper van. If any changes, make it on the sketch and change the design. Once you are satisfied with the design, gather the required materials.

2. Gather materials and equipment needed

You will require several tools, including a drill, saw, drill bits, screwdriver, electric sander, sandpaper, measuring tape, and other things you may need during your construction. You can buy the materials in stages as you need them to avoid wastage and be sure you need them. Only buy the essential before concentrating on your preferences. After purchasing everything for the electrical, interior walls, floor, windows, and ceiling, it’s time now to get down building your camper van.

3. Fit the windows

While most vans come with windows, you might not use them due to the limited space. It is essential to work with the extra windows, including skylights, first before everything else. The windows should be placed strategically to regulate air and let out steam in the kitchen. Before cutting out windows, take measurements of everything and ensure you don’t cut out something too big. Once done, you can install the windows and skylights and ensure you seal them with sealants to avoid them leaking in the rain.

4. Lay the Floor

After you are done with the windows, the floor follows next. Here, you can start with some cheap wooden boarding and insulation before laying down your preferred floor on top. Your choice should be light-weight, more affordable, and easy to wipe, and you can consider wood or vinyl flooring. You can get a removable carpet after putting it on your preferred floor and ensure it doesn’t affect your plan. After you are done with the floor, the next step is to fix the walls and ceiling.

5. Build the walls and ceiling

You can build your walls using wood fixed on the metallic parts of the van. The van’s metal frame will also accommodate the wooden frames to fix the boards as walls, making fixing the walls easier. Ensure not to screw the wooden frames until the screws push to the outside. If putting on insulation, add it as you build the frames or when fixing the walls.

6. Install the electrical system

Build Your Own Camper Van

Your van should not have a complicated electric system. It would help if you did this before finalizing the walls to ensure the wires aren’t exposed and that everything fits well and looks neat. Some of the electrical components you can include are leisure batteries, wiring, inverters, isolator switch, fuse box, and you can include solar panels with their installations. You will also need sockets, switches, lights, bulbs, USB charges, and other items, to ensure you don’t over stuff your van with electrical components. After you are done with electrical installation, you can now fix the walls and ceiling and fasten them to ensure they feel permanent.

7. Build your interior

Building the interior should be among the final touches to your camper van. Depending on the plan you did earlier, fixing the bed, fixing the tables, cabinets, kitchen, and sitting area will be more comfortable. Your kitchen should be simple with a simple sink and a cooking area while the bed can take the back part. For the bed, you can include a fixed one or get one that can be turned into a sitting area. Fix everything as per the sketch before making the final touches.

The final touches might include fairy lights, wall artworks, favorite photographs, paintings, and much more. Ensure they are put in a way they don’t affect the usage of other important things, and they don’t cause inconveniences. When everything is set, you can plan to test drive your van and see if everything fits right. If you need something sophisticated and extensive, it’s essential to consider getting a professional builder for your van.

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