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How to Do Mountain Biking with a Young Child

Cycling is, of course, an exciting and healthy activity, the benefits it has for both children and families cannot be disputed or overlooked. We can borrow from the old adage that a family that plays together, stays together and as parents make sure that our cycling is part and parcel of our children’s physical activities.

It is, of course, one way of making sure that children get physical exercise on a regular basis. It is easy to learn and when all family members get involved, it adds thrill to an already exciting mountain biking activity. Seven tips on how to prepare and participate in a mountain biking experience with your kids in a fun and safe way. Take a look at these activities.

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mountain biking with kids

Cycling has many health benefits for kids and is one of the easiest ways a child can gain stamina and keep off childhood obesity, not to mention the many ways in which your heart will gain from cycling. When a child is consistent as a cyclist his balance and motor skills are quickly developed and this goes a long way in mental development.

Before we get into ways in which you can take your kids mountain biking, some benefits of cycling for children and families cannot be overlooked. It is good to note that training your child to ride a bicycle enforces the already existing natural bond because of the proximity and being there through the wobbling and scratches until the child finds a balance.

How to Do Mountain Biking with a Young Child

The preparation

The first and the most important thing to do is to make sure that the child is comfortable. You can ensure this by getting him a comfortable bicycle and matching gear. You will most likely be looking at a flat and easy terrain as you plan on moving to bigger and more challenging environments. The benefits of cycling for children and families can only be realized when the child and the parents have the right skills of mountain biking, which should not compromise the child’s safety.

What is the right mountain bike for kids?

It may prove to be a hard task to get the right bike for your child, especially if he happens to be too selective. Make sure the little one gets to test the bike so that you can get the right bike for comfort. Don’t forget to get the right color too. Children’s bike is measured in terms of wheel size, which your local dealer will be happy to share with you depending on the age of the child.

Moving the bike to the location

There are several ways in which you can use to carry the bike around. You can always get a bike rack for a car. One way is to strap the bike on a larger backpack, which seems practical but may not be a choice for many, especially if you still have to create space for the child. Option two would be the use of a trailer for hauling the bike tied to your bike. Depending on the age of the kid, you can haul his bike with him comfortably seated on a special trailer bike fitted with a special child seat.

How far should you go?

Since cycling is proving to have benefits for children and families, calculating the distance that you need to cover when taking your family on a bike fun day is highly important because you do not want your children to be too overworked instead of having fun. While at it, plan for regular stops along the trail and engage in other activities.

Balance or pedal bikes

The choice of whether to take a child to a bike trail on a balance or pedal bike depends on the child’s age and abilities. Generally, it is a good idea to take your toddlers with you on a balance bike with good brakes. For the curious ones get them a pedal bike with an efficient dual braking system, also get their bikes with light frames because lifting a bike off the ground may count as a physical activity that counts as a benefit of cycling for children and families.

Safety Tip

When looking for safety clothing for your children, make sure you look for ones that have an extra layer of reinforced protection, especially in the knees, wrists, and elbow areas. We all want to have fun with fewer scratches and injuries. Make sure that your child is well protected when cycling in order to have a safe and enjoyable experience. When venturing into the main road, you should make sure they are accompanied and are under the care of an adult.

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And finally

Cycling will always leave you in a good mood because of the increased levels of happy hormones that are released into the body. The release of these hormones improves the relationship among family members. Getting a bicycle for your child may pose other challenges such as storage within the home. You can invest in one of the best mountain bike under 1000 and be sure to get an affordable one that can fit even in the narrowest of storage space.

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