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How to Cycle Correctly at Night?

Before I used to ride an E-bike, I was a skater, and I had a long board named Flamenco. At that time, it was still early when I came home from work, so I would probably go out to skate around 8 pm. If you’ve ever experienced the night in the suburbs (yes, I lived in the suburbs at that time), you’ll know how dark it is. After being tripped with invisible stones several times and ate a mouthful of earth, I mastered the method of free skating at night. After that, skateboarding became more and more forbidden in my city. I shifted all my interest and enthusiasm to the electric bicycle.

Cycle Correctly

I carefully chose the brand of the first bike. After all, I had to be very alert to the sensational warnings on the Internet. Fortunately, I chose the escape of Himiway, the electric cruiser bike was not only cool in appearance (I was actually a fan of beauty), but also reliable in the function. My early night skating experience was successfully handed over to the E-bike. At night, I can imagine that I am a night elf again.

From Flamenco to Escape, I think these night skating experiences are valuable and worth sharing. Now I will tell you my night riding experience. I think this is the most comprehensive and detailed explanation you can find on the Internet. I hope you can enjoy riding safely and freely at night.

  1. Use Lights Properly

Using lights correctly is the first lesson. It’s hard for our primates to see in the distance at night. Turn on the lights. My Himiway Escape is equipped with enough headlights to illuminate the front and the tail lights to shine like the eyes of night animals. The former let me see most of the obstacles, while the latter would always remind the drivers behind, “Hey, I’m here, don’t touch me.”. At the same time, I also bought a helmet with light in Himiway, so I was like a luminous body in the  night.

But there is one thing to pay attention to. When a car comes from the opposite side, you should reduce the light intensity of your headlights moderately, otherwise the driver on the opposite side will be shaken and can’t see clearly. What if the driver on the opposite side doesn’t turn off the high beam? Don’t be angry. Pull over and stop. Generally speaking, an E-bike can’t hit a car.

There are great alternatives to battery fueled lights, Olympia Lighting is Solar powered and can make a huge difference.

  1. Add Reflectives

In addition to self lighting, reflective stickers are also a good choice. It is worth mentioning that sometimes I also wear reflective coat, but I am always ridiculed by my friends as a sanitation worker. Buy some reflective stickers, stick them on the car body, stick them on the backpack and stick them on the clothes. You may also find that the above two points emphasize the importance of light at night. Light is life at night. Praise light!

3.Ride at the Right Place

If you prefer to ride on the road, I suggest you ride on the road with more street lights, once again , praise the light. Remember not to walk too close to the side of the road. Although this is not consistent with common sense, drivers will be affected by the lights in advance at night. They can only see a limited angle. In other words, they can’t see you who are riding close to the side of the road! Riding 70cm to 100cm away from the roadside, that is the right distance!

4.Ride Slowly

This is the most old-fashioned and useful method, because there may be many unexpected problems when riding at night, such as the road obstacles are not clear, the cars are difficult to find and so on. You need to give yourself enough reaction time. If it is a group of people riding, it is also necessary to maintain a certain safe distance to ensure that everyone’s line of sight is not affected by the lights, and even if the accident occurs, it will not cause a series of collisions. If you have the idea of riding fast at night, I have a suggestion: go to sleep and forget about it.

  1. Prepare the Right Kit

It’s always cold at night, even in summer. If you go out at night in your work suit, it will definitely make your legs tremble. Wear one or two more clothes. If you feel too hot during riding, you can put your clothes in your backpack and put them on quickly after sweating. Otherwise, I’m worried that your sick leave will halve your salary!

  1. Take Care of the Wild Animals

Some sneaky animals in the daytime will come out in the evening, and they are likely to bump into you head-on. A squirrel with a pine nut beating irregularly on the road, a deer who occasionally crossing the road and doesn’t obey the traffic rules but never gets a ticket. Be careful of their rampage, don’t hurt animals, and don’t let animals hurt you. After all, I am also an animal protectionist!

  1. Let People Know Where You’re Going

Let your family know where you are going before you go out. If it’s not your Mom or Dad, it better be your girlfriend! If you don’t have a girlfriend, well, friends are OK. If an accident happens, they will contact the police for you. Of course, another point is to keep your mobile phone fully charged! If you are a super rich man, take a GPS phone with you. The signal in the wild at night is really bad!

The above seven points are all my suggestions for night riding. It’s evening again when I finish writing this article. It’s time for me to turn off my computer and ride my Himiway Escape. First of all, I hope this article can help you. If you like, share this article with your friends who also love riding!

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