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How To Create The Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Staying put isn’t for everyone. Some people want to broaden their horizons and see what every corner of the globe is like while building on their own experiences and having fun. If you are within the latter category, there is every chance you cannot wait to head off on your next adventure. It might not be for a long time, or you might not even have anything planned. If this is the case, you can still get a taste for travel right in your own home, and it starts with creating the ultimate travel bucket list. 

Why Create A Travel Bucket List? 

If you have big travel dreams, a bucket list will help you achieve them. It will continually inspire you to book that next trip or save so you can, motivate you to push through those harder months at work or school, and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Plus, you get the satisfaction of being immersed in the travel world without going anywhere. 

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How To Get Started

With many benefits to be gained, you will likely want to start creating your own bucket list, and this is how. 

  • Buy A Journal & Write All Your Ideas Down 

Before you do anything, you need to find a blank journal. If you don’t own one, head online or to a stationery shop to purchase a new one (you might find a travel-style design). In this journal, write down all the immediate thoughts that come to mind that you want this bucket list to contain. You can even write down any existing places you’ve been to so you can see it ticked off. 

  • Discover New Places & Experiences Every Month 

Don’t expect yourself to come up with all the places and experiences you want to see and do. There will be many that you don’t know currently exist. You shouldn’t expect to create your bucket list in one day either. See it as a long-term project that you continually add to as and when you find inspiration, which you find in numerous places.

If you want consistent inspiration, it would be worth signing up for a travel magazine subscription. A magazine completely dedicated to travel will provide you with everything you need. Discover amazing festivals that you should visit at least once, learn more about the history and culture of a destination to inspire you, find locations to spend your days while traveling, and so much more. 

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  • Come Up With Goals 

Your bucket list should contain all the places you want to visit and the experiences you want to have, but it should also be a place where you take note of the goals you want to achieve. You might have a goal of just picking a random flight one day and being completely spontaneous with your trip.

Another goal might be to see particular wildlife – you could make a list and tick off every animal you encounter during your travels. You may have dreams of learning new skills, such as water sports, climbing certain mountains, going on a cruise, visiting all the national parks around the world, going on a safari, or taking photos of natural landscapes. Write down all goals, no matter how small they are – even trying new types of food or something you’ve always wanted to try is a worthy goal to have. 

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