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How to Create a Memorable Vacation Tour of Movie Location

No matter if it is the trilogy of “Lord of the Rings” shot in New Zealand or “Roman Holiday” film produced in Rome, many noteworthy movies are filmed in appealing locations all over the world that travelers may want to visit and enjoy. If you are planning your next movie-themed vacation, then this post is for you. With a little advance planning, your movie-themed vacation can be as exciting and refreshing as a day at the beach or a relaxing cabin retreat. So keep reading this post – it will guide you and help you get ready for your next unforgettable trip. Whether you check trusted MasterCard online casino and decide to go to Las Vegas or want to see the streets where “Emily in Paris” was shot, this short guide will come in handy for you.

Step 1 – Planning

The first step in planning a movie-themed vacation is to choose a film that you and your family enjoy. It can be as simple as choosing a recent Disney release or taking in a classic from your local video store. A fun way to make your decision is to gather your family around the movie screen and vote on your favorite, which may lead to a good discussion of what your family enjoys. Thus, you will be able to pick a vacation spot that all of you would enjoy. 

Step 2 – Making an Itinerary

One thing you must always do when planning a movie-themed holiday is preparing a detailed agenda.

That implies you should include some prominent filming locations as points of interest. Thus, if you’re going to Hawaii, you might want to see all of the filming locations for your favorite TV programs, such as Hawaii Five-O or Lost. In case you are passionate about everything related to gambling – from top casinos featured at CasinoLuck to casino-themed movies, then we recommend you to check prominent spots in Las Vegas. Whatever you do, avoid arriving at a place and hoping for the best! Instead, get ready with a properly researched and outlined agenda.

Step 3 – Booking Flights

It is strongly recommended that you book your flights at least two months in advance. The more time you have to book – the better as you will have more options when it comes to airlines and dates. If you book your flights within a few days, you may find that the closest flights are priced significantly higher than if you wait. Check on airline availability and prices for flights to the location you are considering. You can also contact the airlines directly to ask questions about travel plans.

Step 4 – Finding a Place to Stay at

You have a couple of options here. Some people prefer to rent an apartment; others give preference to all-in hotels. No matter which option works best for you, you will need to take care of it in advance.

Make your plans as far in advance as possible to have the best possible prices and availability. 

Step 5 – Getting in the Mood

Before leading to the target destination, be sure to watch the movie again. Thus, you will remember special spots to look out for during your trip and get ready for the upcoming trip better. If the film is based on a book, you should consider reading the book. Thus, you will get to know more details about the location that you would like to explore. Apart from that, books often have scenes that don’t make it into movie adaptations, which may give you a deeper view of the destination.

Step 6 – Hanging Where the Filmmakers Did

Inquire with your destination’s tourism board or your hotel’s concierge about where the behind-the-scenes crew of your film spent their time, and then visit a couple of the locations.

It’s another chance to become immersed in the film and spend time at pubs and restaurants you may not ordinarily think to visit.

Get Ready!

Many people like watching a good movie, but for some of us, movies represent a little bit more. Whether you’re a film student or just a fan of everything that Hollywood has to offer, a movie-themed vacation is an amazing way to spend your summer vacation this year. From themed hotel suites to excursions – these immersive experiences will bring your favorite movies and programs to life in vivid color, elevating your trip from an ordinary experience to something that you will never forget. We’ve compiled a list of tips for everyone; whether you like cartoons or comedies, you will enjoy your vacation to the fullest if you stick to the above recommendations. In case you have no opportunity to travel this summer, this doesn’t mean that you need to be bored and stay at home alone. You can instead throw a fun party at home and invite your close friends.

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