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How To Combat Your Fear Of Flying Like A Pro

Flying can be a fairly terrifying experience – what if the plane crashes, what if the pilot doesn’t know how to fly, what if this is going to be the one time I die? There are some ways that you can train your brain to overcome your fear of flying and fly with ease. It’s always a stressful time when you have to travel light, but there are some things you can do to make flying feel less daunting. Tips for combating your fear of flying like a pro,including talking yourself into it and finding ways to keep your mind occupied that help.

Flying Like A Pro


What is the fear of flying?

The fear of flying is different from the phobia of flying. The phobia is a fear of air travel exclusively due to an event that occurred during an airplane flight, while the fear of flying stems from anxiety about being in a situation where it’s not possible to escape – for example, if something goes wrong on a plane.

How to control your initial fear of flying

To ease your fear of flying, think about what you’ll do if the flight is canceled or delayed. You might be stuck in a hotel room for a few days and won’t have enough money to buy groceries. But if you know your hotel will provide dinner, breakfast, and snacks for you, this becomes more manageable.

Building comfort in your mind and body before and after flight

Many people who plan to fly often experience fear in anticipation of the flight. You can fight this fear by building an association between a comfortable environment and flying. This technique works best to combat fear when you are in a relaxed state before boarding your flight. You can also enroll yourself in a fear of flying course that can help you to overcome this and other fears such as claustrophobia and agoraphobia.

How to stay in control in the air and land safely

Fear of flying is a commonly reported syndrome that manifests as a feeling of anxiety or nervousness in anticipation of a flight. One way to overcome your fear is by practicing the following skills. Start by identifying your fears and breaking them down into manageable parts. Then practice those skills on land so you can become more familiar with the process.

Other tips for surviving a flight

There are certain strategies that can help you survive your flight. For example, sleeping beforehand is critical because it will help you de-stress and prepare for the upcoming adventure. It’s also important to keep hydrated because you will likely be flying during the day. Most importantly, make sure to take some time out of your day or week for acclimation.

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