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How to Choose Your Wedding Venue in Edmonton

No matter whether you’re choosing a rustic barn or an elegant event hall, the right venue can make or break your event. When choosing a venue, you’ll have a lot to consider so it can be pretty daunting. No worries, we’ll walk you through choosing a wedding venue in Edmonton all the way to the finish!

Decide what your budget is 

You’ll have to decide on the amount you’re willing to spend when choosing a wedding venue in Edmonton. In fact, your venue and catering will take up about half of your total budget. 

Where you’re getting married really affects the price of the venue. Renting a venue in the city center, for example, tends to be more expensive than one in the countryside. Put together a budget with your significant other and any family members or friends who are contributing.

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Decide what dates work for you

Your big day is officially set when you book a venue. Maybe you already know the date, or maybe you’re open to being flexible. Whatever the case may be, start by picking a few dates or times of year convenient for you, your future spouse, and the people you care about most. 

Saying next spring is a good start, but make sure you have a few specific dates in mind before browsing venues. It’s a good idea to pick a couple of dates beforehand, even if you’re just going based on the availability of your dream venue.

Consider the location of your dream wedding venue in Edmonton as well. Think about factors such as parking availability, public transportation access, and accommodation options for out-of-town guests. These details can make all the difference in ensuring that your big day runs smoothly and is stress-free for everyone involved.

It’s important to maintain open communication with your dream wedding venue in Edmonton as you narrow down the dates. This will help guarantee that you can book the perfect space for your celebration while also accommodating any necessary adjustments, creating a truly memorable and special occasion for you and your loved ones.

Decide how many guests you’re expecting

A wedding venue has a capacity, which means it can comfortably hold a certain number of guests. It’s usually not flexible, so you’ll need a pretty good estimate before picking a venue, even if you don’t have an exact guest count. An 80-guest venue isn’t the same as one that can hold 480. 

Put some thought into your guest number. Come up with a list with your future spouse and your families so there won’t be any unexpected surprises. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a venue that only has a 65-person capacity and then realize that you have 200 guests.

Decide what kind of wedding you want

Would you prefer a lavish reception hall or a country-style farm? How about a museum or a restaurant? Get your partner’s opinion about your vision for your wedding so you can narrow down your choices. If you’re starting the hunt, make a list of adjectives that describe the venue you’d like. 

Search for venues online

Let’s start looking at wedding venues in Edmonton now that you’ve figured out all those details. See what past clients have said about venues, see photos, and much more. Plus, you can filter by type of venue, open dates, size, and other amenities, like catering and view. Together with your significant other, browse venues online and make a short list of locations that you would like to find out more about.

Make a few visits to potential venues  

It’s important to visit a few venues in person before choosing one. You can take a tour of the venue and decide if it’s the right venue for you during these site visits. Photos may show one thing, but in person, they might look totally different, so it’s worth scheduling time to see them with your own eyes. The venue manager will also be there, so you can ask all the questions you want.

Consider both sides

It’s pretty awesome when you fall in love with a venue at first glance. Just don’t feel rushed into signing during your first tour. You should take a step back, tour a few venues, and talk to your partner and family if you want. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons of the venues you visited, and make a decision together. 

It’s possible that you think you’ve found your dream venue, but your future spouse might have some concerns. Although you may not agree on every detail of your big day, make sure both of you are happy with where you choose to hold your event. Do your best to find the right venue, even if it means touring a few more.  

You’re all set!

Once you’ve decided on a venue, ask for a contract. You should read the venue contract carefully. Make sure you understand the payment schedule, and don’t be afraid to ask the venue coordinator questions. Once you’re happy with your venue contract, sign it, send it back, and celebrate!

That’s all we got! Don’t forget to follow these steps when you’re shopping for wedding venues in Edmonton. Enjoy your hunt!

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