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How to Choose the Right Safari

Are you planning to go on a safari on your next trip? Well, you have plenty of reasons to go on an Africa Safari. You should already know that Africa is the favorite destination for people to see wildlife. Moreover, it provides you the best opportunity to awaken your wild side and to watch birds, and a lot of animals roaming freely. Penwell Safaris is the one that provides private luxury safaris. They offer many destinations including Tanzania safari, Kenya safari, etc. All of their safaris are luxurious and affordable. These options make it difficult for an individual to pick one. However, there are lots of options to choose from. Here, we will share some factors that you need to consider before Choosing the Right Safari.

Choose the Right Safari

Tips That Will Help You Choose the Right Safari

Kind of Wildlife You Want to See

The first factor is the kind of wildlife you want to see.

Most people want to see the Big Five; leopards, buffalo, lions, elephants, and rhinos. These Big Five can be seen together in Africa. Moreover, the wildlife here is very diverse and there is a guarantee that you will see at least one of the five.

Some people want to see the tropical wildlife. Moreover, the rain forests are full of diverse species. Just think of the species such as colored birds, jaguars, pink river dolphins, and glass frogs.

There is also wildlife that lives in cold environments, such as arctic foxes and polar bears. These animals can only be found in a colder climate. If you are interested to spot them, then you must be ready for the cold.

In the end, comes the people who want to watch dolphins and whales. Because these two species are very famous in coastal regions. Observing the aquatic wildlife involves boating, so if you are seasick then you must not choose this.

The Perfect Safari Destination

After deciding the type of animal, you want to see, you need to decide the perfect destination for wildlife watching. But still, this decision is not easy to make. Africa is no doubt one of the popular and affordable safari destinations but there are other world-class safaris too around the globe.


One of the first places that come to mind when we talk about a safari in Africa. This continent is rich in wildlife with destinations like Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana. The safaris also offer sample itineraries and fly camping.


If you want to see unique and remote species, then Asia is the best place. The environment in India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand is very diverse and offers cultural vibrancy and lushly landscaped for a great safari experience.

North America

If you want to experience winter wildlife then head to Alaska, Maine, and Canada. However, these places can cost you more than Asia and Africa. You can witness some incredible wildlife in snowy conditions.

South and Central America

One of the most biodiverse places on the planet is Latin America. Visit the Amazonian jungle to experience an amazing safari.


This country has very unique and rare local wildlife. You can visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef.

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