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How to Choose Sun Hats to Pull Off the Summer Season in Style?

With spring right around the corner, it’s that time to gather your favorite summer accessories, including sunglasses, flip-flops, sandals, and stylish sun hats. Sun hats are functional and fashionable accessories designed to protect the skin and face from excessive sunlight

a dummy head with a sun hat on

Here is a list of the different styles to help you choose:

Straw hats are a stunner 

A straw hat is the number one favorite. You can seldom go wrong with it. They do an ideal job of keeping the wearer protected from the sun and have a high style quotient, hence topping the list of summer must-haves. Straw weaves keep the head cool, allowing air to pass through freely. Several straw hats are out there, including small-rimmed, wide-brimmed, flat-top, with even ribbons. It is essential to judge whether the hat looks good on the face when styled with the outfit.

Custom bucket hats

Custom bucket hats are becoming a popular way to add style to both casual and dressy outfits. They are perfect for outdoor activities or as a fashionable addition to any outfit. 4inbandana has a wide range of bucket hats that are easy to personalize to fit your style and brand. Custom bucket hats are also a great way to showcase your brand or logo, making them a popular choice for corporate events, team sports, and other promotional activities.

  • Cabana hats never disappoint 

One of the trendiest hats of the year, cabana hats go well with almost any item of clothing. It pairs wonderfully with a plain t-shirt and mom jeans for a casual but lit look.

  • Felt hats are dressy

This cowboy-inspired hard gear will keep the eye stylish, adding a layer of protection. This hat comes with fun dressing and a challenge. The simpler it is, the better; pairing the felt hat with a regular t-shirt and shorts with shoes is an excellent summer look.

  • Straw pork pie hats are fun

This type of hat is a vintage style often worn to beaches. Although it might not give the best protection from the sun’s rays, it is a rocking piece to wear on a summer day. 

  • Fedora hats look classy

The head of the hat family, you cannot miss this one. Style it with a floral printed shirt and pants for a complete chic look. The stylish look with a ribbon design in the front will bring comfort and fashion to the wardrobe.

  • Willie – breathable sun hat is popular

It is distinguished from the typical ones, with a round shape and a tiny brim (an unlikely feature in most caps). These can be worn with any classic bodycon dress and yet look sophisticated. 

  • Wide-brim summer hats are trendsetters

This is a famous lady hat in summer that can even be worn in the colder weather with an overcoat. The intricate design throughout the cap instantly gives it a luxurious feel and vibe. Add a dash of saturated color to the brim to look bright, and it will go with almost all outfits. On hot days, wide-brim hats look great with shorts and strappy tops.

This hat has always stayed in style. It is a sophisticated hat, and when paired with a turtle neck top, high-rise pants, and a pair of heeled sandals, the chic factor will turn heads. These versatile hats can be styled throughout the day into the night. 

  • Outfit ideas to pair with summer hats

Whether sipping on a cold drink, rejecting at the beach, or going on a road trip, the best way to style this classic hat is to pair it with a trendy outfit. For instance, straw hats can be styled with an off-shoulder top, jeans, jumpsuit, forest dress, or boho shirt. These hats can also be worn with smart casual like shirts and culottes or jeans and trousers.

  • How to choose a sun hat

When selecting a sun hat, the most crucial factor should be protection from the sun. It should cover most of the face and the back of the neck. Choose a wide-brimmed hat to give the most protection.

The size of the brim and the hat is a personal preference based on style and purpose. Windy summer days require a sun hat with a wide brim and chin stairs to keep the hat in place. These are also good ideas for activities that involve much movement and bending, like gardening.

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