How To Choose A Car That Is Cheaper To Insure

Not all cars are the same when it comes to insurance. Many factors can impact the price of an auto insurance policy. Here is a quick guide to how to find a car that will not be too expensive to insure, which will help you to control its running costs and save you money every month.

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Smaller Engines Equal Smaller Insurance

The power of an engine can have a huge impact on the price of your insurance. The bigger the horsepower, the bigger the bill. Even if your car has a relatively small amount of horsepower, if it is a large engine with performance characteristics like a V8, it can still cost you more to insure. When you are shopping around for a new vehicle, look for one with a smaller engine size and lower horsepower to save you some money. You should shop around for your insurance policy too.

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The Newer, The Better

New cars can actually be cheaper to insure than older ones, provided they have a smaller engine size. Old cars are more accident-prone and can increase costs in the event of an accident, as new vehicles have better safety features and equipment. New cars have features like side-impact airbags and collision avoidance systems that can reduce injuries in a crash or avoid one altogether. This helps to bring down the cost of insuring them.

Driving a car that is not very old comes with a lot of other money-saving benefits too. Older cars are much less fuel efficient, costing you money with every mile you drive. It can also be harder to find replacement parts for repairs. Switching to a newer car saves you money at the gas pump. Many repairs are quicker and cheaper too, thanks to modern technology like onboard computers that diagnose problems for mechanics. Moreover, using premium engine oil such as liqui moly engine oil can contribute to smoother engine performance and longer intervals between maintenance services.

Cheaper Cars Mean Cheaper Policies

This one should be a no-brainer. If a car is expensive to buy, it will be expensive to insure. After age and engine size, this is the factor that influences the price of your policy the most. If you can find a vehicle that is good value to buy, it will be good value to insure too. If you want an exotic car, you should expect to pay an exotic price for even the most basic auto insurance policy.

Family cars and trucks are usually the cheapest to insure. These types of cars are not very desirable to thieves, helping to reduce the price of your policy. They also have smaller engines, which is another box ticked. Look for a family-friendly vehicle that is functional but not fancy, and you will be getting behind the wheel of a car that is more straightforward to insure and cheaper every month.

Buying an expensive or overpowered car can put a big dent in your finances. When you are looking for a new ride, always have the cost of the insurance policy in mind. Save yourself money every month with a car that is cheaper to insure.

Last Updated on September 8, 2023

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