How to Carry Bikes inside Your RV?

The bicycle is an important must-have option while you are away from home for camping or other purposes. It allows you to do certain things easily, such as for riding or taking physical exercise with your bicycles. So, carrying your bicycle with you is also important. But you need to take some measures before taking your lovely bicycle with you inside your vehicle. There are a lot of options out there you can follow in carrying your bicycle. This is a quick guide with tons of travel tips on the best way to use your Bicycle Rack while traveling on board of an RV.

Bicycle Rack

If you are going camping with your RV and want to carry your bicycle along with you, you have to consider a few things in mind. Carrying a bicycle inside your RV is not as easy as you may think because it will shake and can be damaged at the time of driving your RV. Otherwise, due to the speed of your RV, while driving, your bicycle may fall apart and get damaged. To avoid these inconvenient, you should consider carrying your bicycle on an RV bike rack. It can be different depending on your needs and choice. You can find them online with different sizes and purposes.

You may be needed to carry one, two, or three bicycles at a time inside your RV. So, it also depends on how many bicycles you are going to carry inside your RV while driving to your destination.

But in this article, we are going to share how we accomplish the same thing with you. You can too follow our method or discover your way to carry your bicycle with you inside your RV.

Here are the measures, we have done to do the carrying of our bicycles with us at the time of going for camping in a distant destination.

How to Carry Bikes inside Your RV?

Make it yourself

If you want to make one on your own, you will be needed a large piece of wood on which your bicycle will stand and keep tight at the time of driving. You are going to make a gurney to carry your bicycle. You should use the fasteners at the bottom of the gurney so that it cannot shake while driving. If it shakes, your RV’s floor may scrape you do not want anyway.

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Wheels of your bicycle need to keep tight

You can use fork mounts to keep the wheels of your bicycle in position so that they cannot move or fall apart from the gurney. There are a lot of fork mounts available out there in the market. This fork will allow you to stand your bicycle in the perfect position and also does not move back and forth.

The axles need to be fitted to the board

In this situation, you will be needed an aluminum angle just to attach to the wood board. It will also keep your bicycle’s axles tight in position and not allow them to shake or move back and forth. And you have to cut through holes so that the wheels can keep straight.

Do the positioning of your bicycle

Before screwing, you should position your bicycle perfectly so that it keeps compact and also make sure that you can remove your bicycle from the gurney easily. Also keep it in your mind that if you screw all of them utmost tight, your bicycle may also harm. To avoid these unwanted issues, do all the things carefully and accurately to make things done accordingly.

The roof ladder of your RV can also work

If your RV has a roof ladder, you can utilize it as the carrier of your bicycle as well. There are different types of ladder RV bike mounts; you can use to carry your bicycle. But it can only handle two bicycles at a time. In some cases, there may not be a roof ladder in your RV, but a square bumper. No problem at all because it can be also used as your bicycle carrier.


Carrying a bicycle inside your RV with Bicycle Rack is not difficult once you understand the process. You can use your own or can go for other options available there. But before doing these, make sure you can access it easily because you may need to use your bicycle often.

Last Updated on June 27, 2023

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  1. Hi.
    Can u help me a little more regarding the making of a gurney for inside the garage of motorhome .
    I don’t want to fix it to the motorhome.
    Can I have it free standing .
    My understanding is I get a large flat piece of timber and cut grooves in it to slot the wheels into .
    Would this need to be a very large heavy piece of wood.
    What size should it be.
    Will it be stable free standing.
    I’m in Europe so weight and size matters as our motorhomes are small.
    Thank u

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