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How to Buy Travel Insurance for Parents Visiting the US from India?

The US has returned to the pre-pandemic travel stage and has eased travel restrictions. Many parents are now visiting the US from India. It is certainly a good practice though not mandatory to buy travel insurance before crossing the international border.

Insurance coverage in the US is essential as the US medical costs are high and unaffordable, especially if a hospitalization is involved.  Parents from India may have a standard health insurance plan in India, however that plan mostly will not cover them outside India or might be insufficient to cover the US medical expenditure. Moreover, some plans may not cover anything at all, while some may offer limited coverage.

Being visitors, senior travelers do not get access to any government-sponsored insurance programs. Therefore, they can buy medical insurance plans from US travel insurance providers or agents to cover them during their brief visit.  There are many options to choose from.  Factors like parents’ health, length of stay, parents’ age, medical history, and more can help you decide whether to choose a fixed benefit or comprehensive insurance plan.

Muti-Generation Indian Family Walking In Countryside
Muti-Generation Indian Family Walking In Countryside

How to buy a travel insurance plan for parents?

The best way to get travel insurance for parents is to contact a US insurance provider or company. You can find many options in health insurance for parents visiting USA that can offer both medical and trip-related benefits. You must consider a few points when your parents are coming to the US. Your parents’ health and length of stay play a crucial role in buying a plan.

Even if your parents are in sound health, elderly parents need health insurance as medical emergencies can arise anytime. Medical expenditures in the US are awfully expensive and can cost you a fortune. On the other hand, if your parents have no medical history and are healthy, you can buy a comprehensive plan that typically covers new illnesses and injuries, hospitalization, urgent care, doctor’s visit, dental, surgeries, diagnostics, and procedures, and more. Many plans include coverage for non-chronic acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

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Things to keep in mind while buying a travel insurance plan for parents:

  • No insurance plan is going to cover your parents for pre-existing medical issues. Instead, the plans will cover only acute onset of pre-existing conditions. If your parents already have a pre-existing illness like high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart ailments, asthma, etc.  you must choose a plan to cover the acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Do go through the policy’s certificate before buying as each plan defines pre-existing conditions and acute onset of pre-existing conditions differently.
  • The premium for senior travelers is always on the higher end because there are a lot of risks involved with them. Elderly travelers tend to fall sick or injure themselves, which is why the plans charge more. The same plan will charge less for a 25-year-old traveler.
  • The options for policy maximum are fewer. Some plans can have a policy maximum of up to $8 million for younger tourists but the same plan will have reduced coverage for senior travelers. 
  • Parents over 60 can find policies to cover them during their brief stay, but parents over 80 may find a limited number of plans with limited coverage and minimal coverage for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions. However, buying an insurance policy is always better than buying no policy at all.
  • You can find both limited and comprehensive plans for your parents. A comprehensive plan is always recommended, even if your parents are fit and wish to stay for a week in the US. Based on your budget, you can decide if you prefer a fixed benefit or comprehensive plan.
  • You can choose a plan that offers emergency medical evacuation and repatriation that covers emergency ambulance transportation to the nearest equipped medical facility. You can add optional benefits like AD&D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment), extreme sports, faculty/leader chaperone coverage, etc. Optional add-ons charge more premium.

It might be confusing with multiple insurance companies in the US.  The best way to buy a health insurance plan is to compare the plans on the website and get quotes. By comparing the plans, you can find a suitable policy and understand if that plan meets your parents’ medical and travel requirements.  Buying travel insurance is an effortless process. It takes a few minutes to buy a plan and get confirmation sent to your email.

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