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How to Buy SOL Crypto?

Solana is among the top most promising crypto projects with the brightest future prospects. This project managed to surpass the Ethereum platform due to its groundbreaking technology and massive application cases. Hundreds of decentralised apps are built based on the Solana blockchain and functioning successfully.

Crypto SOL is on the top ranking of digital assets. It is available on all popular crypto exchange platforms, and the SOL USDT pair is one of the most traded.

Benefits of Solana:

  • This network enables 50,000 transactions per second.
  • Solana charges minimum fees compared with the Ethereum network.
  • SOL coins are not mined – they are staked. Staking is available for broad masses of people and does not require expensive mining equipment.
  • SOL can be used in staking and for paying transaction fees within the platform.

Crypto SOL News

Looking at the crypto SOL chart, we can say, in April 2022, when the entire crypto market dropped, the SOL coin also showed a significant decline from $136 to $29,7 in June 2022. As of mid-October 2022, the crypto SOL price is $29.25. To see the history of the SOL coin price fluctuations, you can go to the Coinmarketcap resource or any large crypto exchange. For example, WhiteBIT offers crypto charts, and you can also buy SOL crypto using this platform.

WhiteBIT also offers smart staking. On WhiteBIT, you can stake not only Proof-of-Stake based coins but also BTC. There are around 40 staking programs for you to pick from. They vary by the underlying asset and the period of coin locking. It may range from 10 days to a year of staking. SOL is a very popular asset used in staking, so try this passive income option on WhiteBIT.

On WhiteBIT Blog, you will find crypto SOL news and updates on the crypto market, as well as helpful crypto guides and overviews of promising projects.

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