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How To Build A Base Tan For Your Trip

A base tan is supposed to be a preventative measure for sunburns as much as it gives you something to build on when you take your trip. The American Suntanning Association (ASA) notes that the combination of melanin together with keratin that migrates to the upper layer of your skin can serve as a natural sunblock. Ideally, the best way to get a base tan would be to visit a tanning salon regularly. In colder climates, the only way to effectively ensure that you have a base tan is by artificial means. In this article, we’ll cover some of the more effective ways to build a base tan.

Base Tan

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Avoiding the Orange

The biggest problem those with fair skin have with tanning booths is the artificial color that you tend to get from it. This orange hue does nothing to help your looks and doesn’t work as a base tan either. Instead, look for a self-tanning lotion to give yourself a little color. Apply it two to three times when you hit the tanning bed and rub it in till it’s absorbed. To maintain the color, simply apply the self-tanning lotion once or twice a week. When you do hit the open beach, and the sun strikes you, consider using high SPF sunblock to ensure that your skin doesn’t get damaged.

Be Wary of Fake Tan Dyes

Fake tans are not only bad for your skin, but they can be dangerous too. Many people think that a base tan refers to a dark color for your skin, even though it goes a lot deeper than that. Bare coloration changes don’t help your skin and can lead to adverse effects on your body when you do go out in the sun. The reason you want a base tan is to prevent burning when you’re under direct sunlight. Fake coloring tans don’t add any protection, meaning that when you go out in the sun, the full extent of the heat will bake you like a potato. You should learn how to protect your skin while traveling. It can be very helpful too.

Use Sunblock To Your Benefit

If you don’t manage to tan before you hit the beach, you may be one of the few people who can’t get a tan. The Frisky notes that some people just don’t get a tan because instead of producing eumelanin, which turns them brown, they produce phaeomelanin, which leaves their skin looking red. If you’re one of these unfortunate souls who can’t get a tan, you shouldn’t pass on the open beach. Just make sure to apply liberal amounts of sunblock so that your skin won’t get damaged too much. It’s not your fault that your body doesn’t respond to the sun the same way as others.

Is a Base Tan Necessary?

If you’re heading out to one of the world’s hotter parts, you might wonder if you should worry about a base tan now or get one when you get there. The truth is that a base tan provides some level of natural protection from the sun, and having one means you can stay out longer without burning to a crisp. You don’t need one, however. The only problem you’ll face is that the amount of time you spend working on your tan will be more restrictive, since you can’t stay out for nearly as long as you usually would.

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