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How to Bring Back the Excitement in Your Relationship

If it’s not dealt with in a healthy manner, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can disturb the strongest relationships between partners. While the condition is physical, it can quickly impact feelings and can lead to self-consciousness in both partners. Erectile Dysfunction often even leads to suspicions, stress and dissatisfaction in couples and is the reason behind the ending of relationship.

Erectile Dysfunction

When ED is dealt with good communication and is seen as the couple’s problem rather than an individual problem, then relationships remain unaffected. Believe it or not, many partners continue their relationship taking ED just a minor speed bump along the road.

How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction in A Relationship

There are many ways to surpass the ED as a couple. Here’s how you and your partner can maintain a healthy physical and emotional relationship:

  • Communication is the key. Most men avoid this conversation completely, as ED is often taken as a sign of unmanliness or a weakness. In truth, nearly all men between the age of 40 and 70 suffer from ED.
  • No one is to blame here. Men and their partners, both need to understand that they are not to blame for this. Where men see ED as a sign of weakness, women tend to internalize the blame and often think of themselves as not pretty enough or attractive enough.
  • Talk to your doctor who has prescribed any medication to you. Often, ED is a side effect of medications. Talking to your doctor can lead to a change in the medication. Your doctor may also prescribe you ED pills, in which case you can treat erectile dysfunction with Numan.
  • Even if you are not taking any medications, your doctor can help diagnose the problem. ED is often caused by undiagnosed conditions such as blood vessel disorders, mental diseases, heart diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol, or obesity. Exercising, losing weight, and taking proper nutrition also help treat ED.
  • ED is rarely chronic. It is often only a result of extreme stress or depression. In which case, you need to deal with the base problem first. What is making you so stressed and how to battle with your depression.
  • In addition to taking care of your own mental health, assure your partner again and again that it is not her. Women self-blame a lot which leads to anxiety, anger, and hurt. It also leads to cheating accusations. When men get offended and pull back, women further take it as a confirmation that they did, indeed do something wrong. Miscommunication and misunderstanding further end up destroying relationships.
  • Take the issue of ED seriously, but lightly. Look for solutions but don’t think of it as the ultimate end of your relationship.

The Bottom Line

 ED can either break relationships or make it stronger. Couples who deal with ED together and with understanding end up becoming even stronger as a couple. They reconnect and remind themselves of how they fell in love in the first place, and rekindle their relationship.

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