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How To Bring All Your Sports Gear With You On Holiday Without Over packing

Some people have a knack for packing light. They can effortlessly toss a week’s worth of clothes into one suitcase and never seem to suffer from the lack of space. For others, it’s an exercise in frustration, calculating how many outfits they could wear on holiday if they only had three days to pack for five days away, and still making sure they include their one-and-only pair of shoes in the end.Before you start packing, think about sports.Here are tips on how you can bring all your sports gear with you on holiday without over packing. 

Sports Gear

If you’re in the latter group, then there is no reason to suffer in silence (unless you need your silent suffering). There are simple tricks that can help everyone fit more into a small space during packing for the holiday, and it comes down to one simple rule: break up your clothing into types and roll them instead of folding. Here are some tips on how you can bring all your sports gear with you on holiday without over packing. 

Determine Which Sports You Would Be Playing

Before you start packing, take some time to think about the sports or activities you will be participating in while on holiday. If you’re going on a beach holiday, for example, you will need swimwear and maybe a light jacket for the evening. If you’re going mountain biking, then you’ll need different clothes and shoes that can withstand a little more wear and tear. The same goes for if you’re planning on doing any other activities such as kayaking, running, golfing, or even just general sightseeing – each will have its own specific needs when it comes to clothing.

Pack Your Sports Gear in a Separate Bag

Now that you have all your clothing sorted, it’s time to pack your sports gear. This can be done in a suitcase, backpack, or even just a plastic bag. If you’re using a suitcase, try packing the heaviest items at the bottom and spreading out the clothing so that there is no weight on top of it. Don’t forget to include things like your tennis racket, basketball, SIM MAX driver, and golf clubs in the suitcase (if you plan on playing these sports), and be sure you can carry it easily. Remember that if you are pushing the limits of what your bag can handle then you risk damaging your holiday clothes in the process. If you’re using a backpack, then place the heaviest items at the bottom and try to keep the weight evenly distributed. This will help when you’re carrying it on your back for an extended period of time.

Plan Out Your Outfits

Now take a look through your wardrobe and see what kinds of outfits you can put together based on the activities or sports you will be doing. You may find that you need to invest in some new clothes, but if not then determine which items will go together so that when it comes to packing for your holiday, you only need to grab versatile pieces that can be worn with different outfits. For example, you may determine that your only need for swimwear is a pair of shorts and several plain t-shirts.

Make a Checklist

After coming up with your outfit combinations, add each of the items on a checklist so you can tick them off as you pack them. This will keep you from over packing, as you can physically see what you have and haven’t packed yet. This ensures you’re not forgetting any of the clothing items that are vital to your holiday activities. You can decorate this list however you want and add any other details such as the washing instructions for certain clothes so that they are easy to find when it comes time to wear them again.

Wear Your Bulkiest Item On The Plane

You don’t want to spend a long time going through security, trying to figure out how it works, and then going through the same thing on your way home as well. Make things as easy as possible for yourself by wearing your bulkiest item of clothing when you go through security. Nobody will be able to tell if there is a change in weight in your bag, and if they do notice something is off then they will handle it and you can avoid a drawn-out process.

Sports Gear

Pack Your Clothes in an Organized Fashion

This means folding your clothes so that they fit neatly in your suitcase or backpack, and it also means grouping them together so there is a system to the way you pack. For example, if you’re going away for a golf holiday, keep all your golfing clothes together in a separate section of the bag. This will make it much easier when you go to grab a clean top for dinner, knowing exactly where to find all the golf-related items you need.

Knowing how to pack your sports gear in a way that will help save space in your luggage is important if you want to avoid over packing on your holiday. While this may take a little bit of extra time to get organized, it will be worth the effort in the long run. If you limit how many clothes you bring along and group them together so they can be easily accessed, then you won’t have to worry about struggling with a heavy bag while on holiday.

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