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How to Become A DJ: Workshop for DJ Wannabe’s

a woman and a kid with a dj and his setup

Yeah, that’s what I am. A DJ wannabe. When a neighborhood community center had a DJ workshop for kids, I begged to get in as well, because the classes were offered only to kids, I had to find a way. So, I told the organizer that I want to do this as a mama and son activity, and she was totally up for it. So, this is my experience on how to become a DJ!

The class was only my son, 2 other little boys and me. So it wasn’t weird at all.

The teacher, a DJ around town, brought his equipment. Today it’s not all the crazy equipment you think you need, but with the digital age, you only really need a computer monitor, the software, and the electric turntable that allows you to create pretty much any sound you need to.

dj turntable

Learning to become a DJ is Not as easy as it looks

I have a whole newfound appreciation for DJ’s, music, and sound engineers.

We were doing the absolute basics. I’m lying, not basics, we’re talking like the most simple things ever, and it was hard work! We didn’t even get to the point where we added in different music to blend and mix, but simply moved the digital turntable around in the proper way.

And what we did learn, both my son and I. We prefer to enjoy the mixes, rather than create them. But here’s the thing… If you don’t try something, you will NEVER know if you like it or not.

So if someone offers you something that is totally outrageous, GIVE IT A SHOT. It might be the thing you either love or say – I tried it, it’s not for me. However, when you see a person doing it, you will now know what it takes and give them all the respect they truly deserve.

kid enjoying music from a dj set

Best Way To Become a DJ

It’s not an easy job to become a DJ, at least not a good one, but you sure can make it. There are several ways you can start your path to become a DJ, but this is probably the best one.

Choose a type of music you like

Like most things in life, you should start by choosing something you like to listen to. That will make the process a lot easier, if you enjoy house music then you should focus only on house music, that way you can get really familiar with the sounds, and adding some more music will become a lot easier.

Start with the basics

It’s not a secret that being a DJ is not only about playing one song after another, you need to start learning the basics, like mixing on the fly and structuring a set, choosing the songs, and learning how to get the crowd moving is a must for every DJ.

All starts with your deck (Setup)

One of the best things about becoming a DJ is that you can start with a few things. Of course, later on, you can always upgrade your setup and add much more stuff like mics, monitors, a MIDI controller, and bigger speakers, but you can start with this:

  • Some Speakers
  • Headphones
  • A Mixing Software
  • 2-channel mixer
  • Two turntables or two CD players

Don’t spend a lot right away

Forget about investing a lot of money in top-notch equipment right away! Instead, start as I did with my kid, go to a class, test the waters and see if you really love it. I’m pretty sure you can find a DJ near you that will gladly show you how is everything. Meanwhile, you can buy just the essentials, you can even buy them used!

a woman using a dj turntable

Practice a lot

Once you decide that becoming a DJ is your thing, already learned the basics, and have the essentials, then you can start practicing your way to the top! After you have mastered a music genre, you can start building a big collection of music, so, don’t be afraid of exploring more genres.

Working the music (learning the advanced)

You’ll get to the point where you’ll need to learn more advanced stuff and repeat the process of learning and practicing. There is much more stuff to learn on your way to becoming a DJ, some of them are:

  • Learn the beats per minute (BPM) of the songs
  • Learn how to scratch
  • Smooth transition between songs
  • Learn intros and outros

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