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How to Afford Travel – Creative Ways to Finance your Travel Adventures

We’ve all dreamed of the trip of a lifetime. The lure of tropical island beaches, incredible sights to see and the magnetic pull of the new and unknown have beckoned humanity for centuries. Travel is more than a reward for hard work done well. It is a quest, a journey into a realm where the known world recedes and an amazing new landscape appears, beckoning our soul and senses.Four creative and uncommon tips on how you can be able to afford traveling the world.In this article you will find how to afford travel.

How to Afford Travel

In times past people waited a lifetime to travel, often saving their major journeys for their retirement years. Increasingly, though, we are realizing that the moment is now and travel is a peak experience we should savor like a fine wine or an incredible gourmet meal. We deserve to travel, now.

So how do creative travelers finance their epic adventures? We’ll look at four ways you can raise money for travel and make your amazing travel dreams come true. You might even catch the travel bug and decide to do it full time!

4 Tips on How to Afford Travel

Sell Your Things on eBay
When we really look around our house or apartment we often find that we have so many things that we really do not need or even use on a regular basis. Take the higher value items and sell them on eBay, and you’ll have cash for your journey. One person, for instance, financed a trip to Egypt by selling part of their book collection on Egypt. The real trip was definitely better than the books!

Crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe let you invite other people to help your dream come true and raise money for your travel journey. Recently a backpacker raised the funds necessary to support his cross-country journey and another person in middle-school is using the site to raise funds for next year’s expensive class trip. It’s so easy, a 13 year old can do it!

Get a Guarantor Loan
Sometimes you need some extra funding to turn your ordinary vacation into the trip you’ve always dreamed of. Guarantor loans open up funding opportunities because they often help people with poor credit or no credit get the money they seek. They are more flexible that loans for travel issued by the large financial banks, and you can have a friend or relative co-sign for you.

Find Telecommute Work on Craigslist
If you are planning on becoming a full-time traveler you will need initial funds for the journey and some source of ongoing income. One interesting way to source part-time jobs that you can do from anywhere is to use the Craigslist search features. You can search a Craigslist area for any jobs that are ‘part-time’ and also ‘telecommute’. Additionally, you can search for keywords like ‘writer’ or ‘virtual assistant’.

Once you build the search, save it and set it to email you new offerings. If you do this for the top twenty metro areas you’ll see a steady stream of part-time, telecommute friendly jobs come your way every day.

If you would like to make your travel dreams come true tap into some of these creative ways to finance your journey. You’ll get to see new worlds and your incredible travel experience will open new worlds within you too!

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