How Technology is Changing Car Accident Law

When it comes to car accident cases, there has been a lot of advancement in the technology with which these cases are being resolved. Now, all of these technologies are not just limited to making car accident maneuvering easy; they also help in the legal matters that come along with accident cases. 

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A lot of bigger changes are being observed since technology has been taking part in the resolution of cases, including legal intervention. 

New Technological Interventions

There have been a number of new introductions regarding the technological tools that are to be used in car accident cases. These are very easily approachable and are easily installed. 

Dash Cams

Dashcams are one of the most used technologies these days when it comes to car accidents. These are the cameras that are installed in the dashboard of the cars. These are there basically to look at the view that is right in front of the car, but this camera can be really helpful in getting what is going on in the surroundings of the driver.

So, many times these cameras can help find out what was the cause of the accident, the speed of the vehicle, and also what was the situation inside the car, like if the driver was busy or distracted somewhere else. 


Telematics are small devices that are installed in the vehicle that basically tell about the behavior and the acts of the driver. These are also known as the black boxes.

These are very smart devices that can help in the tracking of the speed of the vehicle. It can tell if the driver is driving the car at the average speed or is surpassing it. It also measures the times a car driver accelerates and decelerates the car. This can give insights into the aggressive driving of the driver on the roads. 

Lane changes can also be seen through this device. The telematics data does reveal if the driver is cornering or if he is switching too many lanes while driving in a harsh manner. With that, the distance that is traveled by a car can also be known by the telematics data. 

Mobile Applications

A number of law enforcement agencies and insurance companies have come up with applications now that can help in reporting accident cases as soon as possible. So, the reporting of an accident can now be easily done just by the use of a smartphone now. This is how technology has evolved for the good. 

The mobile applications on smartphones are also capable of documenting the evidence of the site of the accident that can later be used in court.

This is usually done by taking pictures and videos of the accident scene and the road conditions on which the accident occured. There are some of the needed timestamps and GPS data that can help a lot with the investigation of the case to the police as well. 

Impact on the Legal Proceedings

With the increasing prevalence of technological advancement in society, cases are being brought more and more with evidence from electronic means. Evidence obtained from the use of mobile phones, computers, surveillance cameras, social media, and different digital sources is now taken seriously and included in the cases.

The digital evidence is also very easy to store and present in the courts when it is needed. The recordings in the form of audio and video are trusted and can be a little skeptical at times, but these are considered the best formats that can provide the ost compelling information.

Challenges with the Technological Advancements

With the ease and the benefits, there are some very common challenges that technological advancement brings with it. 

Privacy concerns have been increasing with the use of digital evidence. Also, a lot of times, the authenticity of the evidence collected by digital means is questioned a lot on its authenticity. 

When it comes to the court, not every evidence is acceptable there. A lot of times, evidence in digital form is not accepted as authentic as the digital age is not very well received as of now from the generations that are known to be baby boomers. So, the attorneys or the victims fighting for themselves have to work hard to make the judges and the other party understand the evidence in digital form. 


In conclusion, technology-generated evidence and information have a strong and serious impact on the legal process. It may be able to make the trials more effective and accurate, but at the same time, it creates issues related to verification, data protection, or admissibility. So, technological advances can be beneficial as well as very challenging to deal with. 

Last Updated on November 7, 2023

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