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6 Essential Tips on Staying Safe in Nature During Summer

Hikers, trekkers, and others traveling through the great outdoors must be careful when enjoying their trips during the summer. All seasons have pros and cons, but writers and summers are the most difficult. You need to be well-prepared for these seasons. In this post you’ll learn about how to stay safe in nature during summer.

In the winter, you need a lot of clothes and equipment to stay safe and avoid freezing, but the weather is hot in the summer. Sometimes it is too hot, which may cause serious issues. Protection is essential during the summer, but do you know what to mind exactly?

In this article, we share a few tips on how to get by untouched through nature during the summer. We will show you the crucial items to stay safe from the sun and nature. Keep reading if you want to know more about this subject.

How to Stay Safe in Nature During Summer?

1. Don’t forget your sunglasses

Unless the entire trip happens in the woods where the sun is barely visible in the sky, then you need sunglasses. Choose a pair that will stay on your head without falling off from the constant movement on uneven terrain. When you’re going through nature, there are many obstacles, and it’s not like walking down the streets.

Ensure the sunglasses have full UV protection. In nature, especially in the deserts and beaches, the sun’s rays can be devastating. The rays reflect off the sand and the water and can seriously damage your eyes. A good pair of sunglasses will keep you safe.

2. Wear boots

The boots are crucial because they protect you from insects, snakes, and other things you may not see when walking through nature. The chances of encountering deadly species are bigger or lower depending on where you are.

If you’re going through parts of the country known to have some deadly animals, the boots will protect your feet and legs from getting bitten. If you’re in the desert, you might not notice a rattlesnake in the sand, which will instantly bite you if you step on it. The boots will prevent their teeth from going under your skin.

3. Hold a flashlight in your back pocket

Get yourself a flashlight. Many fantastic military-grade torches on the market are extremely powerful, lightweight, and small enough to carry in your pocket. You never know how long you’ll be in nature and if day turns into night.

It may get dark if you get lost and need more time to return from where you started. If this happens and you’re not wearing a flashlight, you’ll need to spend the night out there. If you’re not well-prepared, you’ll see the entire wildlife come out during a summer night, which, of course, can be dangerous.

4. Apply sunscreen

The summer sun is dangerous, and there’s no doubt about it. Before going anywhere, you should apply sunscreen and stay protected. UV light can cause serious skin problems, and there’s no better way to get protected than by applying sunscreen to your entire body that is exposed.

You’re risking skin cancer in just five minutes under the hot sun. There’s no need for something like this because sunscreen is widely available. Find one with an excellent protection factor, and ensure that you’re not risking any injuries or diseases.

5. Apply an anti-mosquito solution

Bugs and mosquitoes are so annoying during the summer. They love the hot weather, and they’ll be everywhere as you go through the forests, fields, or anywhere. Bugs can sense the heat and sweat coming off your body, which strongly attracts them.

Ordinary bugs that won’t bite are completely fine, and a wave with your hand will scare them off, but mosquitoes can not only cause an itching feeling but can also transfer terrible diseases. Applying a simple anti-mosquito solution will keep them and other bugs away, providing free movement and enjoying nature to the fullest.

6. Protect your head

Did you know that we mainly have hair on our heads for brain protection? Nature and evolution found this solution for overheating the head, so we developed hair to protect the brain. However, hair is not enough to do the job if you’re hiking under the hot sun.

Place a hat, scarf, or something else on your head that will keep the sun’s rays out of it. If you don’t do this, you risk faster fatigue, extreme sweating, dehydration, and even strokes. Instead of risking all these things, you should find a solution to keep your head from being directly exposed to the sun.


These six things show what is vital for staying safe in nature during the summer. The heat, the sun, and the fauna out there can cause real problems if you don’t know how to protect yourself. Use these points above, and you’ll only have fun in your travels.

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