7 Recommendations on How to Start a Travel Podcast

Some of us love wandering through strange lands, traveling from continent to continent in search of the exotic. Yet, if you have a 9-to-5 desk job it may seem like that isn’t something you can do regularly. By starting a podcast (about travel), you can earn your living by having fun.Here’s How to Start a Travel Podcast:Travel PodcastTips on How to Start a Travel Podcast

Know Your Platforms

As a content creator, you should know which platforms are useful, which are trendy, and which are suitable for your needs. To host your podcast, use services such as Buzzsprout. Spotify and SoundCloud are ideal for podcast distribution. SpotifyStorm helps you grow your audience. For podcast hosting, choose Melon as a free service that requires very little setup.

What does this all mean? After recording your podcast you will need a server to keep your podcast audio files – that’s where a podcast hosting site like, Libsyn podcast hosting, comes in. Usually, you are given the option to distribute your podcast (to listeners) from within their platform – to different sites that listeners can use to tune in. The top app listeners used to tune into podcasts in 2020 was Spotify.Set a Regular Schedule

I know, I know – you just left a job full of schedules. However, by keeping to a schedule you can be sure not to get side-tracked by your travels. Also, a regular podcasting schedule means listeners will be actively waiting for your podcast every week.

How Do I Make Money?

Most podcast hosting sites, as well as audio streaming services, will give you the option to monetize your podcast. This is done by placing ads before, after, or during your podcast. Another (more lucrative) way to earn money is by seeking out sponsors. Many podcasts giants are sponsored by companies that pay them to read a few scripted lines of advertisement during their podcast. You should aim to have as large an audience as possible, as sponsors/advertisers will usually pay proportional to your audience size. Wired Clip has a great guide for podcasting.

Although there aren’t many travel-related podcasts online, competition is fierce. If your content is unique you can almost guarantee that listeners will choose your podcast over others. You may try traveling to farther away destinations or maybe rediscover already well-known cities from a different perspective. If you have ever watched Anthony Bourdain’s show ‘Parts Unknown’ and were mesmerized by his travels – you get my point. If your content is not interesting to the listeners, everything else is redundant. Join the creative operations community is definitely something new and unique.

Last Updated on June 15, 2023

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