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How One Can Celebrate Special Occasions during Lockdown

The pandemic has changed the world- make people unable to celebrate occasions with their families due to lockdown. But there are some special events that one can’t miss. So what you can do to make the event enjoyable during the lockdown. It is important for parents not to let their kids feel that the pandemic has put their lives on hold.

All you can do is throw a party so your family can find relief during a very stressful time. The best thing is that you can do this with some creative thinking and technological solutions.

Virtual Party

You can throw a virtual party with Video-chatting apps like Zoom, Skype, and Houseparty. These are some of the best apps available that can help you with arranging a virtual party. All you need is to set a time and share the link with others. They can join the party using that link from any device. You can choose the app depending on the number of guests. For example, Houseparty has a limit of eight guests, while Zoom allows 100 and 50 with Skype.

If you are celebrating the birthday of your child, then you can set a meeting with their friends. After that, let them talk with them, play games, or doing a quiz.

Special Birthday Video

Another memorable option is to create a birthday video. Rather than sending it over the internet, why not get a gift and some flowers from Moyses Stevens, which offers same-day flower delivery London service and next-day UK flower delivery, seven days a week. So, you don’t need to worry if the birthday is on weekends. It is a good idea to wish someone with a short media message. You can also consider making a video of all the friends singing a line of their favorite song.

Gaming Party

Another great way to celebrate the special occasion of a child or teenager is to throw a gaming party. Nowadays, kids play online games, and there is a chance that your kid will have a favorite game too. So, invite all friends and ask them to join from their own homes.

Special Takeaway

Families often celebrate special occasions by having a favorite meal at a restaurant, which is impossible during the lockdown. Instead of going there, you can order to your home. There are lots of restaurants that offer home delivery during this period. Keep in mind that by doing this, you are not only enjoying your favorite meal from the comfort of your home but also helping local businesses.

Camp Inside

Does your family likes camping but can’t do it because of the lockdown. No worries, as you can bring the camping ground inside your living room. Furthermore, it will provide a chance for your kid to experience the excitement of sleeping in a different environment. We can understand that it will not be like the real camping experience, but your kid will get the chance to turn the everyday room into something different.

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