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How Much Costs To Charter A Yacht In Italy

Italy is a beautiful destination to explore on a yacht. Several locations, such as the Amalfi coast, Sicily, the Gulf of Naples, etc., are known for their fascinating history, culture, and food. One of the best ways to explore the islands and towns is on a yacht, where you can travel freely and independently from one location to another. 

Yacht IN provides visitors with a lavish experience and extreme fun. The process of chartering a yacht is simple, too you have to select your favorite from their vast list of options, and they will create the most luxurious vacation of a lifetime for you.

Now, you must be wondering how much it will cost. Well, check out the following guide to get all the details. 

What Is The Cost Of Charter A Yacht In Italy?

Regarding cost, since several yacht options are available, you can find something within your budget. However, the following is the average rate for renting a sailing or motor yacht in Italy.  

  • Renting a motor yacht in Italy can cost between $32,600 and $1.3 million per week, plus costs.
  • In Italy, a weekly sailing yacht rental ranges from $29,000 to $560,000.

When Is The Charter Yacht Season?

Italy’s season lasts from April through the end of October, the same as the rest of the Mediterranean. The summer season is in July and August, the peak months for chartering/renting a yacht. In general, April through May and September through October are also excellent times to rent a yacht because the weather is still pleasant, and also you will find few tourists during these months.  

Why Should You Charter A Yacht In Italy?

Italy is one of the most beautiful places and a picture-perfect town in the Mediterranean. One of the best ways to spend summer in Italy is on a luxury yacht with all the leisure and facilities, and you get to go to a wide variety of locations and yachts at your disposal. There are several benefits of chartering a yacht; some of them are: 

Visit Exciting Destinations

When chartering a yacht, you can sail around the coastal cities and experience the historical significance and charm directly. There will be plenty of time for leisure as well.

Different Types Available

Getting yachts for charter is beneficial as you can choose from different types. For example, you can opt for a sailing yacht, motorized yacht, etc. This means you can hire something that completely satisfies your requirements and tastes!

Get deep into the history

When you charter a yacht, you also get the opportunity to travel to places rich in history. You can explore several historical locations, such as Pompeii, Sorrento, Ischia, etc. 


Summing up, chartering and vacationing on a yacht in Italy brings the scenery and culture of Italy to life. You can experience different parts and aspects of Italy, culture, history, or food in the comfort of your yacht. To make your experience more memorable, remember to always go to a reliable and experienced luxury yacht broker.

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