How Much Does Tanzania Safari Accommodation Cost?

The Tanzania Accommodation Cost ranges start from $20 to $1000 per night. Mid – Range-quality Tanzania accommodations cost about $20 – $50 per night. Luxury Accommodations Cost in Tanzania is about $100 – $200 per night. And, Private Tanzania Accommodations can cost around $400 – $1500 for lodges and $250 for camping. 

Our article aims to cover all the characteristics of Tanzania Accommodations and Tanzania Safari Cost implications. And, make things simple for you so that you’ll get an overall idea of accommodation while booking Tanzania Safari Packages.


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  1. Categories Of Tanzania Accommodations ($20 – $200 Per Day, Per Person)

Normally there are three categories of Accommodation in Tanzania according to the traveller’s preference. They are budget, mid-range, and luxury accommodations. The Accommodation costs start from $20 and can go up to $200.

Category of AccommodationPrice (In USD), Approx. (Per Person, Per Day)
Basic/BudgetFrom $20-$40
Mid-Range/EconomyFrom $50 onwards
Luxury/PremiumFrom $150 – $200

Our Recommendation – The Tanzania Accommodation Categories are based on your interest. Still, we recommend, the luxury option because all the things are available within the package, so you don’t need to worry about it.

  1. Different Types of Tanzania Safari Accommodations ($300 – $1150 Per Day, Per Person)

You can also find private accommodations in various Tanzania National Parks and private conservations in Tanzania. These are normally camping and lodges. The price range is from $300 to $1200.

Type of AccommodationPrice (In USD), Approx. (Per Person, Per Day)
Tanzania CampsFrom $300 onwards
Tanzania LodgesFrom $450 onwards
Tanzania Luxury Lodges and HotelsFrom $1150 onwards

There are campsites also available. You must set up your tent and prepare your food. The costs range from $5 – $35. Dorm Beds in Hostels are also an option. The prices range from $15 – $40 a night. Exclusive rooms in a hostel range from $40 – $75 a night.

There Are Some Other Types Of Accommodations That You Can Choose Like:

Family Lodges – Costs start from $400 (per person, per night). A great example is Elewana the Manor at Ngorongoro, etc.

Honeymoon Lodges – Prices start from $450 and can go up to $2000 (per person, per night). Some of the best examples are andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Four Seasons Safari Lodge etc.

Lodges for Solo Travellers – Costs start from $200 (per person, per night).

Lodges for Groups – Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge is a great option for groups on a Tanzania Safari. The costs start from $400 (per person, per night).

For nature and camping lovers, there are several camps also present. Like mobile camps, tented camps, campsites, etc. They’re remote, exclusive, and provide a great deal of comfort.

Our Recommendation – Here we’ve shared all the types of Accommodation & the preferences for Lodges & Campsites, you can choose accordingly at the time of booking.

  1. Destination-wise Tanzania Accommodations Preferences ($250 – $2000 Per Day, Per Person)

The landscapes of Tanzania are surrounded by beaches, savannahs, forests, and islands. Tanzania’s Accommodations also reflect this diversity. And, the result is – a variety of choices for camps, lodges, vacation hotels, etc.

Let’s look at the breakdown of Tanzania Accommodation Costs based on destinations:

Serengeti National Park

Most travellers prefer the luxury of the Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Serengeti National Park. The lodge provides game drives and hot-air balloon safaris. The prices start from $1000 onwards. Other Serengeti National Park Accommodations are:

AccommodationCosts (In USD) Per Person, Per NightRating
Lemala Nanyukie LodgeFrom $600 onwards5 – Star (Luxury)
One Nature NyaruswigaFrom $2000 onwards5 – Star (Luxury)
Serengeti Sopa LodgeFrom $500 onwards4 – Star (Mid – Range)

Tarangire National Park

Acacia Tarangire Luxury Camp is popular among visitors. It provides a private and exclusive experience. The price of Acacia Camp starts from $260 onwards. Some other Tarangire National Park Accommodations include:

AccommodationCosts (in USD) per person, per nightRating
Tarangire Safari LodgeFrom $250 onwards4 – Star (Mid – Range)
ElewanaFrom $1100 onwards5 – Star (Luxury)
Nimali TarangireFrom $800 onwards5 – Star (Luxury)

Lake Manyara National Park

Escarpment Luxury Lodge is well-known among visitors. The costs start from $850 onwards. Other Lake Manyara National Park Accommodations are:

AccommodationCosts (in USD) per person, per night            Rating
Mawemawe Manyara LodgeFrom $400 onwards5 – Star (Luxury)
Wayo Africa Green Camp ManyaraFrom $475 onwards4 – Star (Mid – Range)
Manyara’s SecretFrom $550 onwards4 – Star (Min – Range)

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Lion’s Paw Camp is well-liked by visitors. Its costs start from $550 onwards. Some other Ngorongoro Conservation Area Accommodations include:

AccommodationCosts (in USD) per person, per nightRating
Asilia HighlandsFrom $1000 onwards5 – Star (Luxury)
Elewana The ManorFrom $1500 onwards5 – Star (Luxury)
Sanctuary Ngorongoro Crater CampFrom $550 onwards5 – Star (Luxury)

Our Recommendation – The above prices are an approximation. And, it can be changed. So, make sure to contact African Scenic Safaris for the exact Tanzania Safari Cost.

  1. Season-Wise Accommodation Preferences ($24 – $34 Per Day, Per Person)

Whether it’s peak season or low season, your visit to Tanzania is going to affect your Tanzania Accommodation Costs. In the High Season (from July to October) the prices start from $34 onwards. And, in the low season (in November and December) the costs start from $24 onwards.

Our Recommendation – Tanzania Safari Accommodations Cost varies according to your chosen season. Still, we recommend the peak season, the highlights of Safaris In Tanzania are high.

  1. Tanzania Safari Accommodation Cost ($195 – $990 Per Day, Per Person)

Ranging from basic budget camping to luxury lodging, Tanzania is a top safari destination. The Tanzania Safari Price for basic budget accommodation starts from $35 per person per night.

  • $195-350 USD per person per day for basic budget accommodation
  • $490 USD per person per day for 3-star lodges/ hotel accommodation
  • $690 USD pp per day for 4-star lodges/ hotel accommodation
  • $990+ USD pp per day for 5-star lodges/hotel accommodation

Our Recommendation Normally Tanzania Accommodations are included within the Tanzania Safari Packages. If you want something different in terms of Accommodation, you can customize your accommodation according to your preferences.

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Certain factors are going to affect the overall cost of your accommodations in Tanzania. Let’s go through them one by one….

  • Number Of People: This is the most obvious one. As more people will need more rooms. And, fewer people will mean fewer rooms. So Cost is calculated accordingly.
  • Length Of Your Stay: How long you intend to stay will also affect the cost of accommodations. Per person, per day costs, is a general guideline for calculating the costs.
  • Season: High season and the low season will have different costs. And, the camps and lodges in the low season often offer great deals.
  • Amount Of Luxury You Want: If you want to stay at the campgrounds, it’ll surely cost less. Whereas, luxury lodges will cost more.

You can also tailor-make your experience and choose your accommodation according to your preferences.

SO HOW MUCH DOES TANZANIA ACCOMMODATION COST – WE’RE HERE!In African Scenic Safaris recommendation, Safari accommodation style and standards also determine the cost of your Tanzanian Safari. Tanzania Safari Packages while staying in standard luxury accommodation will also cost more than a Safari In Tanzania while staying in mid-range lodging, and staying at top-end deluxe safari accommodation also costs more than standard luxury lodges and tented camps. Now, all that’s left for you is to visit Tanzania. And, enjoy the comfort and luxury of Tanzania Accommodations.

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