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How Much Does It Cost to Move Internationally?

Moving a few houses down or even a few towns or cities away is one thing. However, moving internationally is an entirely different ballgame. The venture is more labor-intensive, and it can feel like it takes a million years to complete. For one thing, people can’t drive themselves overseas. Instead, they have to get companies to transport their things from point A to point B. 

Professional movers and car shipping companies can make people’s lives easier. When you have your car shipped, you can simply pick up your car from a port where you’ve moved or wait till your car gets delivered to your new address. In addition, movers also take their clothes, furniture, etc., to the destination. That means after individuals line these services up, the only thing they need to worry about is getting themselves overseas. Anyone up for a cruise? Or is a coach or first-class flight more of your style?

All of these aspects sound easy enough, and they really are, providing that people hire reputable and trustworthy companies. However, there is one thing that those moving internationally tend to stress about: relocation costs. After all, the price to move you and your belongings overseas can get out of hand in a hurry. The following information might answer some of your questions about the costs of relocating overseas, including “How much does shipping a car cost?” 

Auto Transport Prices Vary

Multiple factors can impact the cost of car shipping. For instance, if the car is to be moved over a short distance and it can be brought to its destination by truck and trailer, the venture could cost a person $500 or more. The amount could be higher for those who chose closed transport services. That is when vehicles are put inside enclosed containers, where walls, roofs, and doors protect them from the elements. Meanwhile, open transports take place on open trailers. Typically, this alternative does not cost as much as its closed counterpart.

Shipping a car overseas is a little more complicated. For one, cars are usually shipped overseas through ships or planes. Many shipping companies offer the first option, so it is in your best interest to do some research ahead of hiring one. Ask acquaintances about their experiences. That will provide you with reviews from sources you can trust. You can also search for reviews online to see what clients say about businesses.

As for air freight, shippers who offer it are few and far between. That is because air transport for cars tends to be extremely expensive. Thus, because of the cost, it is typically used for luxury cars and by car owners who have the money to spare. If you don’t mind spending the funds, this shipping method is the cream of the crop. However, if you don’t wish to spend what feels like an arm and a leg, a RORO or roll-on/roll-off auto transport may be a better fit.

A person can’t merely pick up and relocate to a new country without getting into trouble if they get caught. Hence, if you don’t want that on your hands, be sure to take the legal avenues to become a resident elsewhere. You might need a passport and visa, which aren’t free to apply for and obtain. Plus, you could incur legal fees somewhere down the line as well. Having all the required documentation in place well before your big move ensures that everything goes smoothly.

For example, a person seeking a UK settlement visa should expect to spend around $2,000. Meanwhile, someone who needs to consult with a lawyer to fill out paperwork will likely pay $100 or more per hour. These are some expenses that can affect your international moving costs, but there are also others.

Taxes & Customs

If you move to one of the many places around the world that makes people pay taxes and customs on things brought into the country, moving internationally could cost you a small fortune. The amount will vary, depending on what the government where you’ve headed charges and how much stuff you brought. Still, this is something to consider, as it can make your budget take a hit in the end.

However, you may be able to prevent these costs from skyrocketing by downsizing. If there are broken items that no longer serve a purpose around your home, discard them. There’s no point in getting charged to take something somewhere if you can’t use it. Or do you have some functional appliances and belongings that you don’t need anymore? If that’s the case, why not throw a garage sale? Then, you’ll get to put some change in your pocket while doing some decluttering. 

Those interested in helping families or individuals in need can also give donations to charities. That will allow them to feel good about themselves, unload some belongings, and not get charged for them via customs & taxes. Plus, charitable donations can often be written off on taxes. So, hold onto the receipt for the next tax season, and hopefully, you’ll be able to benefit from it where you move.

Some Last Words

There is no price set in stone for moving internationally. Instead, different factors determine how much people spend on these ventures. However, the hope is that you now understand some of the factors that can impact your cost. Be sure to research potential expenses and set a budget. Then, stick to that budget when the time comes so that your moving expenses don’t spiral out of control.

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