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How Does Text Marketing Work?

Sometimes getting on top of your competition means going back to basics – albeit with an advanced mindset. In this case, we’re talking about how optimizing your marketing efforts will never be achieved without integrating bulk SMS text messaging into your strategy.How Text Marketing works and about how using it can benefit your business.Take a look at this blog post to learn all about Text Marketing.

. We know; you think SMS is pretty outdated. Who on earth would rely on SMS when there are all of these advanced marketing tools! Perhaps you’ll change your mind once you know that, in comparison to the 24% of email open rate, SMS has an impressive open rate of 82.1%. Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s get started!

Text Marketing

Why You Should Use Text Marketing?

Text marketing can be used in many ways, some of which are more effective than others. Before we get to that though, let’s get into why you should use text marketing. Here are the top reasons you’ll be missing out if you don’t integrate it into your strategy:

  1. Texts are much more likely to be opened in comparison with getting an email – or any other sort of communication in general. Most of your customers and prospects will always have their phones wherever they go – if they’re not already using their phones. 
  2. Unlike emails, there are no spam filters for SMS marketing platforms. You won’t have to invest a lot of money and effort into composing the perfect email, only to have it blocked from reaching your target audience. Texts will always reach your audience; your efforts will never be wasted. 
  3. Text marketing is the easiest way to reach your customers. If executed correctly, you’ll quickly earn your customers’ trust and appreciation, as they’ll want to be constantly aware of your latest offers, deadlines, and other beneficial updates. 

How Text Marketing Works

To explain it briefly, there are two key components of text marketing you’ll be using: keywords and shortcodes. You can start your next marketing campaign by inviting prospects into subscribing to your services. You text them a message that contains a keyword, such as AUTO DEALS, and a short code, such as 1111. Your message will look like this:

“Get the latest Automotive deals now! Text AUTO DEALS with 1111 and be the first to get the latest deals!”

To start text marketing campaigns, you’ll subscribe to a text messaging provider who’ll enable you to send your texts to your customer database. You can still carry out your campaigns without using keywords or shortcodes, but using them is the best way to track your campaigns and evaluate their performance. To take your text marketing game a step further, you should consider using an SMS API to get the most out of text marketing. You can use an API to notify your customers of updates, install two-factor-authentication, deliver PIN codes, prevent fraud, and confirm transactions, all while maximizing your sales and conversion rates. This tool can also be integrated with different platforms, enabling you to personalize your bulk texts, open two-way communication with your recipients, and allowing One Time Pins (OTPs). 

Text Marketing

How To Use Text Marketing

There are many ways you can use text marketing effectively and efficiently. Here are some of the most common practices when it comes to SMS marketing:

1. Generating Leads

Text marketing is used by most businesses first and foremost to generate leads. As it’s the easiest way to reach your customers, interactive text messages that encourage potential customers to subscribe to your services are quite effective in turning them into leads, and then into customers down the road.

2. Promotion & Updates

Your customers and prospects alike would love to get your texts in one case: if you provide them with an invaluable opportunity that they wouldn’t like to miss. Sending them texts about your current promotions, discounts, offers, and updates is one of the best ways you can put text marketing to use. 

3. Confirmation

Using text marketing for inquiring about confirmation is quite effective for everyone, too. Instead of sending a confirmation email or making a phone call, sending a text with a confirmation code is simple and practical, which is exactly what your customers will love about you.

4. Customer Service

You’ll be able to offer superior customer service, such as updating your customers about the delivery status of their orders. 

Contrary to what many people think, text marketing has made a strong comeback to join the best marketing tools today. Using text marketing will enable you to keep in direct contact with your customers, giving them valuable information and gaining their loyalty. The only thing you should be cautious of is spamming your customers or sending unwanted messages, which will probably get you banned. However, if used correctly, you’ll get a great boost to your marketing efforts. 

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