A Guide to Get Compensated When Your Flight is Canceled – How does Click2Refund Work?

Have you ever experienced the frustration of having your flight canceled at the last minute? Not only can it disrupt your travel plans, but it can also cause you to lose time and money. Luckily, you may be entitled to compensation under certain circumstances if your flight is canceled or delayed.

This guide is designed for you to get compensated through Click2Refund in case your flight is canceled or delayed within European Union (EU) territory. We will give you a step-by-step explanation of the process and what you need to do to make sure you receive the flight delay compensation you are entitled to.

Step 1: Check if You Are Eligible for Compensation – What does Click2Refund cover?

Under the EU consumer protection regulations, you might receive compensation if your flight to or from the EU is canceled, delayed, or if you face certain other situations, ranging from 250 to 600 Euros depending on the delay’s severity. The European Regulation on Air Passenger Rights (EC 261/2004) establishes compensation guidelines to safeguard passengers’ rights if a flight is postponed, cancelled, or overbooked.

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for a delayed flight claim of up to 600 EUR under EC 261:

  • You arrived late at your destination more than three hours.
  • The flight departed from any airport and landed in the EU, as long as that airline has its headquarters in the EU.
  • You checked in on time for your flight.
  • Your flight operated less than 3 years ago.
  • The delay (operational circumstances, technological issues, etc.) is the airline’s fault. This means that extraordinary circumstances such as the weather do not entitle you to a claim.

You cannot apply for compensation if your flight does not depart or land in the EU, or if the carrier does not have its headquarters in the EU.

Here is a brief summary of what Click2Refund covers:

  • Delays of more than three hours caused by the airline (i.e., no weather delays)
  • Flights canceled within 14 days of departure without a suitable replacement flight
  • Overbooked flights
  • Missed connections as a result of overbooking, cancellation, or delay
  • Damaged or misplaced luggage during your flight

Step 2: Submit a Claim Through Click2Refund

Visit Click2Refund and follow the instructions on the website to submit a claim. Be sure to keep the information about your flight, and your boarding pass close to you, as this will help facilitate the process. It is quite simple and takes just a few minutes. If you have an eligible claim, the website will let you know upon submission. 

You can also file a claim for your delayed flights up to three years after the date of the flight. If your flight departed from or arrived at an EU airport and meets the criteria for compensation, such as if it was delayed for more than three hours, you are still eligible to file a claim and seek compensation.

If you are wondering how much it will cost for me to submit a claim, you do not have to think about it because it costs you nothing. You don’t have to pay for anything to submit a claim.

Step 3: Receive Your Compensation

If your claim is approved, Click2Refund will deduct a low percentage of the compensation amount as their fee, and then transfer the remaining compensation to you 

In conclusion, if your flight is cancelled or delayed, Click2Refund can assist you to get compensation for the inconvenience and expense caused by the cancellation or delay. By partnering with Click2Refund, you can enhance your chances of getting the compensation you are entitled to without the stress and hassle of dealing with the airline directly. Remember to know your rights as a passenger, and always seek assistance if necessary. 

You can also claim on your own if you have time and patience. However, you have to deal with the bureaucracy of the airline which can be quite cumbersome. When you contact them, they will put you through a lot of people. The process can be quite time-consuming. Additionally, the airline normally doesn’t settle the claim right away and you may not have the legal background to fight back. 

The fact that Click2Refund lawyers will fight the airlines without lifting a finger. By using Click2Refund, you’ll save a lot of time and increase your chances of receiving compensation. Click2Refund has a proven track record of success and is highly skilled at getting your money from the airlines as quickly as possible. 

So, the next time when your flight gets delayed or canceled, don’t settle for a voucher. Submit a claim through Click2Refund which will take a couple of minutes and enjoy a couple of hundred Euros without any effort. 

If you have questions regarding the flight delay compensation and Click2Refund’s services, you can always check out their FAQ page.

Last Updated on May 13, 2023

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