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How Does an Auto Auction Work?

At the end of any auto auction event, one thing is for sure; after a bidding process, the highest bidder secures the vehicle. ABB Salvage auctions can be a great way to buy your dream car, especially if you are on a budget. While new cars are rarely sold at auctions, you can get a good deal on crashed cars, used cars, or salvaged cars for sale. And not to worry, it wouldn’t matter buying a salvage car from a salvage car auction, you’ll still get your auto insurance done as you would if you were buying a new vehicle. However, let’s not jump the gun, here are important details on salvage auctions to consider before casting a better bid on that enticing vehicle.  

Types of auto auctions

Auto auctions are either open to the public or specifically for car dealers. 

Public auctions are open to individuals, companies, and other interested parties. They are open to all and sundry. These auctions are often carried out by the administrations, such as the State, Ministries, and Treasury departments. 

On the other hand, dealer auto auctions are more specialized. These auctions are prohibited to the general public and only car dealers can participate. These types of auctions often require special licenses only car dealers would have, so the terms are pretty straightforward. Also, since vehicles listed at dealer auctions are often priced cheaper than others, more vehicles are sold at such dealer auto auctions every year.

Benefits of buying cars at auctions

First off, the catch of buying vehicles at auctions is the lower price on offer. Vehicles listed on auctions are usually much cheaper than anywhere else. You may even get a vehicle for less than half the price if such a deal comes along–as long as nobody bids more than you do. Wrecked cars for sale are particularly cheaper as the buyer would still expend fees on repairs.  

Also, since most auction sites would require a vehicle report from sellers before listing their vehicles for auction, you can be sure of the vehicle’s immediate condition before casting your bid.  

Lastly, buying from auto auctions opens you up to a myriad of choices. There are no limits, all vehicle models can be bought on auto auctions. If you’re a collector, you have a chance at securing old or vintage cars for your collection. 

Steps to buying cars at auto auction events

Crashed and wrecked cars are often listed as repairable cars for sale. However, when an auction marketplace lists such junk cars for sale, you should do a value search and get a history report of the car before bidding. This is important because vehicles at auctions are often used cars, seized, salvaged cars, rebuildable cars, crashed cars, or junkyard cars for sale. Before bidding at your first used car auction, the following are valuable tips to consider:

  • Choose the right auction: Before buying cars at auction sales, the ideal auto auction should be legit and dependable. You should do a quick lookup to ensure they are who they appear to be. 
  • Determine and Keep a Budget: You can start up your vehicle purchase process by making out exactly how much money you have with you and how much you are willing to spend at the auction. You should bear in mind that even with the price of the car, you will still have to pay other fees which could drive up the total fees a little. 
  • Preview the vehicle to be bought: At this stage, it is time to locate one or two vehicle options you want to purchase. Look carefully at each listing and check out the vehicles you want. A quick VIN lookup would do a great deal of good.
  • Register: There is always an option to register for a bid on or before the auction. The registration fee at the auction varies depending on the auction marketplace.
  • Place Your Bid and Purchase the vehicle: This is done by bidding with your opening price. Another interested party or two may follow your bid. You may continue to up your bid, but remember not to exceed your stated budget.
  • Payment after purchase: After purchasing a car, a non-refundable deposit on your vehicle will be made. You may pay for the entire balance at that time as well. After a successful payment, your vehicle would be delivered to an address you indicate.

How to find salvage vehicles for sale near you 

A query for “used car auctions near me” is not uncommon on search engines as more people are looking to save more on vehicle purchases with a salvage bid. In the United States, there are a lot of auctions available and they can be found online or in physical auction yards in your area. However, here are some online sites to purchase a vehicle on auction:

  1. A Better Bid (ABB)

As a US auction broker, their marketplace is a 100% auto auction platform. They are registered Copart brokers and allow individuals to bid on auction vehicles that should have been exclusive to licensed car dealers. In other words, you’ll have access to all and any vehicle on auction sites without the rigorosity of securing a dealers’ license. And of course, middlemen would no longer be of use to you since you would be buying vehicles directly on their platform. 

Vehicle exhibits on this platform include heavy-duty trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, and more at competitive prices. They also have a multilingual customer assistance team available to assist and answer any questions before or during operating auction hours. They offer doorstep delivery once payment is confirmed and it’s no surprise that past clients have a lot of good remarks about this company.

America’s Auto Auction

America’s Auto Auction is an online auto auction platform that specializes in new car trade-ins and auction-insured guaranteed funds to the seller. Bids can be placed by an individual without intermediaries and overpayments can be avoided also. With their license, you can buy any vehicle from any state without restrictions. They also have one of the lowest auction and transaction fees on the market. Their bill includes consultations with company auction experts. These auction experts provide full consultations for clients on vehicle purchase and delivery. 

Wrapping up

The low price, comfort, and convenience on offer by online auto auctions are enough perks for consideration. While you could spend up to a day or more in a dealership buying a vehicle, you can do so in less than an hour from an online auction. However, remember not to get too emotionally invested in any vehicle that you overrun your budget. Auction marketplaces never run out of good deals, a little patience is all it takes. So, be on the lookout for your dream car and bid!

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