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How Dangerous are Car Accidents?

Every single year 1.35 million people die across the world in car accidents; that works out to every 24 seconds somebody dies, by the end of this article at least twenty people will have died from car accidents. Those statistics are positively gruesome, macabre, and scary. Do you know how dangerous can Car Accidents really be? Learn all about that and how to prevent them the next time you go on the road.

Man has been plagued by Death since his incarnation, and although unavoidable, if more care were exerted and taken when on the roads, certainly a lot fewer families would be torn by its morbidity, and the frightful reality of losing a loved one in a car pile-up. 

Car Accidents

So How Dangerous Are Car Accidents?

Unsurprisingly, car accidents are one of the most common and frequent causes of death in the entire world. Ordinarily, they rank around three in the top ten causes of death by country every year. This does not factor in the non-fatal car accidents which are also extremely prevalent and happen on average every 15 seconds and constantly require car accident lawyers in Bakersfield.

Car accidents are often not even thought about, even by road users, until it is too late. With so many potential dangers in our lives, it is hard to pinpoint one in particular and say that it is the most dangerous. Car accidents are not to be forsaken, and should always be considered any time you get into your vehicle. 

Car accidents, while not always fatal, can leave you with life-changing injuries and resign you to a wheelchair for the rest of your life. 

Accidents Are Extremely Common and Sometimes Unavoidable

Accidents in vehicles are of course a staple of the modern world, how frequently do we drive past a bouquet of flowers on the side of a country lane marking the spot where a person lost their lives untimely. Memorials, often forgotten by time and encompassed again by the wild. Nature will reclaim eventually, and as it has reclaimed the graves of many young millennials passed in car accidents, it too has claimed the memorials of men who died hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, fallen from horses and carriages and laid eternally on the ground. 

Car Accidents

Car accidents are no joke and are completely unavoidable, but what makes car accidents so terribly mad is their sudden and uncontrollable nature – if you have ever been in a car accident before, you will know the moment you lose control you are struck with insurmountable fear, unquenchable, unpersuadable anxiety.

Thankfully, in our modern age, the penalties for car accidents committed by drunk or careless drivers are astronomical, from fines to imprisonment. The professionals from Fleming & Associates help with any queries and deal with accidents of this nature on a daily basis. Firms like these have aided many families in receiving justice for their fallen loved ones, victims of wanton acts of careless driving.

7 steps to follow if you do get in a car accident

How Can I Prevent a Car Accident?

Unfortunately, the only way to truly prevent a car accident is to avoid perusing the roads or going anywhere near them. This is not feasible, of course, when our entire world relies on transport. All you can do to avoid a car accident to exercise as much control and caution, maintaining complete awareness of everything happening around you, when you are using the roadways. Check your mirrors frequently, and do not allow for your mind to wander, and control to wane on your vehicle.

Can a Car Accident Happen to Me?

Unfortunately, as with much in life, you are not safe from the morbidity of a car wreck, you are only just a stone’s throw away from a forever life-changing incident, a wreck that could define the rest of your family’s lives. You must exert complete caution when driving and pay attention to the drivers around you so that should there be another careless driver cruising, far surpassing the speed limit, heading toward you, drink in hand, you will be able to move out of his way or safely have your car off the road before he has the opportunity to change your life, and his, forever. Most of all, you must be safe and think of those around you, and their loved ones.

You must take into consideration the lives of those around you, the families sharing the roads with you, the young teenagers cruising; the sons and daughters, mothers, and fathers. There is no worse a way to die than inside a metal wreck, limbs torn and cruelly shredded. I’m certain you would not wish a car wreck upon your worst enemy so don’t out of ignorance and negligence bring it up on the doorstep of an unsuspecting family going on an outing. Referencing the earlier statistic, by this point in the article at least 30 people have died. Think for a moment, just stop, and picture the lives irreparably changed forever by the careless driving of their own or somebody else.

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