How to Choose your Perfect Travel Luggage

Flight tickets, check. Clothes, check. Compass and maps, check. Luggage? Still, don’t have it figured out! Wanderers, we know this happens to all of us. The reason why, while you were dreaming and planning about your next travel destination, we already thought of sorting this one out for you.

We know how important it is to choose the right luggage that meets your travel needs. It also makes your trip hassle-free and enjoyable. Things you should look for in luggage to see if it is the perfect one for you.

travel luggage

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Need something sturdy? Go for Hard Luggage.

This is for the traveler that makes sure everything is packed and secure. Unlike soft luggage, Hard suitcase is very reliable since it keeps all your stuff just as it was packed. Especially when you’re carrying electronic equipment like a camera or a laptop.

Go for this one, so you won’t have to worry about your clothes getting wrinkled or your essentials getting damaged!

Tip: Make sure it’s only as big as you can handle.

Travel Luggage

Headed towards the mountains? Don’t forget your savior!

Here’s the for the ones who head towards every adventure that comes their way. If you’re the carefree go-where-your-heart-takes-you kind of traveler, a backpack is going to be your perfect travel companion. Before buying one, make sure it fits you comfortably, since it’s going to be on you all day long once you head out.

Tip: Go for the ones with multiple compartments for better organization.

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Planning a mini vacation? Keep duffel bags in mind.

Not everyone has the time and luxury of vacationing for an entire week or month. The duffel bags are made for those who know how to make the most of their weekend getaways.

Invest in one and you’ll never look back. It’s best for you to just throw in the essentials and a change of clothes. Get, set, go!

Tip: Duffel bags come in many varieties. So, look for extra padding, waterproof fabric, and storage spaces depending upon your needs.

Got a business trip lined up? Let the carry-on bag manage it.

Who needs a big, bulky bag when you can go for an easily manageable carry-on garment bag? These are an absolute must-have for a traveler that loves to mix business with pleasure.

They are easy to move, reliable to depend upon and spacious enough to have all your luggage in one place. Not only do they keep your garments intact but also have extra compartments here and there to store all your add-ons.

Tip: They also come with the wheels, just in case you have trouble carrying too much weight.

Traveling in packs? Know how to mix and match.

Some of us are lone travelers. Yes. However, some of us travel with our partners, kids and some take their entire fam jam along with them! At such a time, there is no hard and fast rule for you to select a particular style of luggage.

Try to organize all of your needs in different bags. For example, you can have your garments in one big bag and the essentials in a smaller duffel one. When it comes to your kids, you can squeeze all their needs into their own cute little backpacks.

Tip: Don’t carry too many bags for yourself and minimize as much as possible.

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A list of things you need to remember before selecting your ultimate travel luggage

1. Size matters. A bag too big with its space not being fully utilized will just end up being a trouble. On the other hand, an overcrowded small bag will not be able to bear the burden of too many things just cramped up in it.

2. Hard or soft, make a wise choice. You don’t want to regret later for not knowing your options better.

3. It all boils down to the type of trip, whether a weekend getaway or a long vacation.

4. To each his own. Place personal needs above everything. What suits a person who’s all in for the wilderness might not suit the one who just wants to explore the city through a casual stroll.

5. No matter which backpack you carry, always carry your backpack essentials.

6. Travel in style. You can select from different colors and fabrics. That way, you know your bag looks good with your travel outfits.

7. Consider durability. Luggage is definitely a long-term investment, since nobody wants to end up with a bag that will not be useful the next time they are backpacking.

Finally, no matter what kind of traveler you are, look for a travel partner that best suits your needs, plans, and style.

They say give a girl a pair of heels, and she’ll conquer the world. When it comes to a traveler, we can aptly say, ‘Give a traveler the great luggage partner and he/she will travel endless times around that world’.

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

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