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How Can You Survive in an Emergency While Traveling?

Traveling is a great opportunity to see the world and become exposed to different cultures. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to a far-off destination for work or to simply enjoy yourself, there is a lot to be gained from such a trip. Unfortunately, emergencies can happen to the best of us, even if you have traveled several times to the same place. No matter how much time you dedicate to safety preparations, you will still need to know how to survive in an Emergency While Traveling. The following tips will help you get out of danger and stay alive while you are far from home.

How Can You Survive in an Emergency While Travelling?

Tips to Survive in an Emergency While Traveling

Stay Calm

Emergencies tend to give us an adrenaline rush that clouds our critical thinking and makes us reactive. That’s why we act based on logic rather than seeing the situation for what it is. First of all, when faced with danger, you need to use relaxation breathing techniques such as exhaling and inhaling multiple times. This will help you stay in the moment and not lose a sense of reality.

Consider taking a step back and looking around to grasp the gravity of the situation without any exaggeration. After analyzing your surroundings, you can start forming a plan that will help you get out of danger. It is easy to fall into despair, especially if you think that there is no way out. You should keep in mind that you will be fine if you think clearly.

Get Medical Help

Some unfortunate events are accompanied by medical emergencies that will need immediate attention. Even if you feel well after a car crash or a fall, you need to visit the nearest medical center. This is because some bruises and scratches are benign at first but may turn out to be life-threatening after a couple of hours. If you are in a country that doesn’t speak your first language, try using GPS to locate the nearest clinic. You can also use talking applications that translate what you have to say to a passerby.

Keep Your Bug Bag Close

Emergency While Traveling

While going on an adventure that may put your safety at risk, make sure to keep your previously packed bug bag close. Even if you think that you may not need it, in case of emergency it may be your only savior for the first 72 hours. This is because it takes almost that amount of time for authorities to reach you. That being said, you need to know how to use your resources wisely to last for a couple of days.

The most important thing is to stay hydrated, but without drinking all of the water at once. You should follow the rule of thumb, which recommends taking three big sips every twenty to thirty minutes. When night falls, start a fire with sparks and kindling because lighter and matches are sometimes unreliable. If you have any injuries, use alcohol to disinfect them, and then cover the injuries with a bandage.

Call Your Loved ones

A life-saving call that you can make is calling your loved ones in your home country. This call may save you as they will have better resources to arrange for you to get to safety. If the lines are rocky, you can send them a text message that will get delivered when the network reconnects. The important thing is to include your exact location and coordinates.

Reach Out to Your Embassy

In some unfortunate circumstances, you may need to reach out to your embassy for several reasons. For example, if you lose your passport or money, get arrested, or are hospitalized, then the embassy will be of help. They can get you a new identification, interfere in the legal process and try to get you out, or notify your loved ones of your medical situation.

Ask Someone to Send You Money

Sometimes you may run out of money, get robbed, or lose your cash for some reason. Not having money in a foreign country can pose a huge problem since you won’t be able to pay for accommodation, buy food, or even travel back to your country. You can call your family back home to send you money and use your card to withdraw. Some people prefer using courier companies. Just to be safe, make sure that the delivery method is illegal where you are staying.

Staying away from home can be nerve-wracking, so imagine getting exposed to a situation that endangers you. Before resorting to panicking and losing all hope in emergencies, consider staying calm and figuring out your options. Reading the above safety travel tips will help your mind think critically when you are under extreme stress.

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