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How Can A Long Getaway from Your City Help You Rid Yourself of Bad Habits

Not many things are as nurturing as what nature provides us. Hustle and bustle of the fast life in the city can easily make us stressed to the point of making it almost a baseline. Constant anxiety – will you get to work on time, are you going to keep your job, paying off student loans or other debts. All this heavily attributes to the fact that a large percentage of people with addictions are those that live in such environments. Now, addictions come in various profiles, and no one is truly safe from them. These sorts of things can happen to all of us, which is all the more reason to be informed and compassionate when dealing with these topics.Bad habits almost seem to always find a way to keep returning if we don’t actually make a change.let’s examine how getting away Bad habits.

How Can A Long Getaway From Your City Help You Rid Yourself Of Bad Habits

Bad Habits

That being said, bad habits almost seem to always find a way to keep returning if we don’t actually make a significant change. The changes in question can vary heavily – they can go from starting therapy, all the way to completely changing your lifestyle. In any case, leaving everything behind can indeed be a Herculean task. So, if you are battling an addiction, and are looking for things to help you, in this article, you will find a suggestion of how to do so. Sometimes, a significant change that both your mind and body might be looking for lies in a long getaway from your city. As our closest environment is more often than not the very reason for our troubles, let’s examine how getting away for a while can help.

The importance and impact of our environment

Many people aren’t all that aware of how our environment molds us, as we don’t always have the time or the means to even tackle such observations. This is especially true for those that live in a large city – in such environments, almost every minute is packed with action. Even the most mundane aspects of our lives such as being stuck in traffic play a huge role in our overall well-being. And, if we start associating even the simplest things with stress, it’s easy to see that one might try to seek solace in something that’s considered bad behavior. After a long, hard, stressful day – one glass of wine is exactly what it takes to get relaxed a bit. To gain control over how you feel. That is, of course, normal – the problem is if one glass gradually turns to one bottle. This is just one example, but you get the point – more often than not, our environment and how we live are what shapes our problems as well.

All that being said, changing your environment abruptly can have a huge impact on the habits that you already have in your life. This is exactly why resorts dedicated to helping people with addictions exist, to help you escape not your problems – but your circumstances. As explained by the team from White River Recovery in the Netherlands, a serene environment is considered to be a perfect foundation for recovery. Such an environment can obliterate the sources of your everyday stress, hence opening up space for realization and improvement. 

Introspection – how to make it more efficient

Getting away from your everyday environment allows you to place yourself into a novel mindset. You begin to observe things and emotions that you weren’t able to before. You finally have the time to deal with intrusive thoughts rather than drowning them in the tasks lined up in your to-do list. Introspection is the absolute key to addressing and ultimately solving the problems that cause our bad habits. The best way for you to boost introspection is to ensure that your environment is stimulating and yet relaxing enough for you to feel comfortable enough to start getting deeper into your thoughts. Of course, city life is probably the best example of the exact opposite of the sentence before this.

Finding the hotspots that our problems consist of

Finding the sources of our problems is the direct result of proper introspection. This is something that not all of us can do alone, or without a catalyst to boost us. For many people, nature and going off-grid is a great way to do so. By immersing ourselves in our thoughts, while being soothed by the peace of nature, you will easily be able to spot the problematic hot spots in your thought pattern. Spotting the exact pathways that lead to us wanting to get immersed in bad habits is how you gain access to the deeper reason why. For some, unresolved trauma and more serious topics might be what’s at the end of that rope. For others, it can be something entirely different. In any case – pinpointing the source allows you to start tackling it constructively.

Gaining control over what generally controls us

Finally, getting rid of bad habits is all about gaining control over the feelings that haunt us. For many, being away from what’s most closely associated with our habits, even if they are bad for us – can be incredibly hard. Well, at first at least – after a while, the distance from your normal environment can give you an outside perspective that you need to be able to gain control. You will be able to realize that you can indeed prosper and enjoy life outside of what you’re used to. Being used to a certain scenario is not, in any way, the same as needing the same pattern to be able to exist.

Bad Habits

Battling bad habits is a road paved with trial and error, and no one’s journey is truly the same. That being said, no matter what you hear or read – there isn’t a formula that can simply solve everyone’s problems. Unfortunately, it just isn’t as simple as that, but there indeed are some things that can help in general. The most important thing here is that you actively seek ways in which you can better your overall well being. And as you were able to read in this article, getting away from your city is sometimes the best way to start.

Putting yourself outside of your most prominent problems can give you a perspective that you otherwise never could observe. As an outside observer, you can introspect on your situation with more ease, and that is something that is useful to all of us. Good luck, don’t give up, and know that you’re not the only one reading this, seeking help, and getting better. You don’t walk alone, and you will be able to push through your problems, ultimately leading to a better future.

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