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Hotels in Lancaster – Finding a Family Friendly Option for All Ages

Our trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania was different this year. This time around, we get to travel with my extended family. The grandparents (my parents), the uncle (my brother) and his girlfriend, the boys (my sons) and me.

With that extra element, I had to find a hotel that my parents would be comfortable with, and also my kids to have the room to run around and be themselves. We normally stay in boutique hotels, but instead of jumping into that, I wanted our first night in Lancaster to be a smooth transition to traveling together.

family reunion

Finding Hotels in Lancaster, PA 

Reality is, it has been a while since I traveled with my parents. In our past travels we normally stayed in well known chain hotels and resorts. Ironically enough, we have never stayed at a Hilton before. Since I’m always one for trying new things, and after reading so many wonderful reviews about DoubleTree Hilton Resort which came on my radar as a top notch family-friendly hotel, I was sold.

doubletree lancaster

DoubleTree Lancaster Hilton Hotel was even better in real life than on their site.

First of all, it was way bigger than I expected. With a golf course! We didn’t have the time to enjoy the course, but one thing no one can argue, golf courses give you great views and feelings of openness. I don’t know what it is about them, but I love staying on golf courses.

Golf Course - DoubleTree Hilton Lancaster PA

Description of the Room and Hotel

The Hotel Layout

The reception area is quite large and the service is great.

Reception and Front Desk - DoubleTree Hilton Lancaster PA Plenty of sitting areas and lounge rooms, even an area for computers, if you don’t have yours. Wifi is free in all the rooms.

Sitting area - DoubleTree Hilton Lancaster PA

My favorite of all, was the tropical, closed garden. We were in Lancaster during the summer, but winters can get pretty brutal. This way you can enjoy spaciousness and greenery year round.

Inside Garden - DoubleTree Hilton Lancaster PA

Did You Know – The DoubleTree in Lancaster has one of the largest pools in the area. And has an awesome water playground as well.

Pool - DoubleTree Hilton Lancaster PA

The Room

Our room was the family style – king suite. The main sitting area had a pull out coach that turned into a bed and also with a TV. A great place to catch the World Cup between attractions.

Sitting room - DoubleTree Hilton Lancaster PA

Find prices for DoubleTree Resort by Hilton

Separated by the bathroom, and coffee station was the master bedroom with a king sized bed. Also with a TV.

King Suite - DoubleTree Hilton Lancaster PA

Breakfast Fun

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals to eat out. And buffets even more so. The main restaurant in the hotel is Cafe 24 Hundred.

Loving breakfast - DoubleTree Hilton Lancaster PA

The buffet isn’t included in the price of the room, but it’s super affordable – $12 per adult and $6 per child. So worth every penny.

Breakfast - DoubleTree Hilton Lancaster PA

And I love when the staff has as much fun as the guests.

Breakfast Buffet - DoubleTree Hilton Lancaster PA

Video Fun

Information for DoubleTree Hilton Lancaster Hotel

Address: 2400 Willow Street Pike,  Lancaster,  Pennsylvania

Phone: 1-717-464-2711

Check-in: 4:00 pm

Check-out: 12:00 pm

Smoking: Non-Smoking

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