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Top 3 Hotel Safety Tips for a Relaxed Vacation

While you might think that staying in a hotel is the safest option when traveling somewhere, you might be surprised just how many hazards there can be in hotels if you’re not careful. Luckily, there are quite a few things you can do to help yourself be more protected regardless of the safety of the hotel that you choose to stay in.Three of the most useful hotel safety tips that you can follow to have a safe and relaxing vacation.This is a list of hotel safety tips.

So to help you be safer each and every time you go on a trip, here are three tips for keeping safe when staying in a hotel. 

hotel safety tips

3 Hotel Safety Tips

Pick The Right Floor To Stay On

The floor of the hotel that your room is on can have a big impact on how safe you are when staying in that room.

According to, staying on the ground floor is the least safe option. On ground level, you’re much more likely to be the victim of a robbery or other accident that could cause you injury or loss of property simply because that floor is often the easiest for other people to access.

Additionally, you also don’t want to stay on any floors above about floor five or six, as those floors are harder to reach in the event of a fire or other accident taking place within the hotel. Because of these two things, the safest floors to stay are usually between floors three and six. So if you’re able to, try to request a room on one of these floors. 

Take Advantage Of Doorstops

In most hotel rooms, you’ll likely find at least one doorstop somewhere in the room. While your initial reaction might be to use this doorstop to hold the door open for you while you run to the ice machine or check out the vending options, you should actually be taking advantage of doorstops in the opposite way.

Jonathan Bancroft, a contributor to, advises that you use doorstops to jam your door closed from the inside. This will help keep your room more secure from someone who might try to force their way in. And if you have a room that adjoins another room, you can use a doorstop to further brace that door as well. 

Use All The Locks At All Times

While you might only think about having your hotel room locked while you’re away, Sarah Schlichter, a contributor to Smarter Travel, recommends that you keep all your doors and windows fully locked at all times, even when you’re in the room.

To be safest, Schlichter shares that you should also recheck the window locks each time you come back to your room to ensure that any maids who may have opened the windows remembered to lock them back up. 

To help ensure that you don’t run into any security or safety issues while staying in hotels in the future, consider using the tips mentioned above to learn how you can better protect yourself. 

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