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Who Wants Beach Front and Ocean Views? Here’s a Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida To Check Out

Picking the right hotel when visiting any new place is always a challenge. First step is budget. Once you get that figured out the fun starts, or maybe not so fun. In each budget category there are so many hotels to choose from that it can get mind boggling.

Then you need to think of location, location, location. With Daytona Beach it was pretty easy. Oceanfront or nothing. So that immediately took out lots hotels from the mix narrowing it down- a lot.

Beachfront hotel in Daytona Beach
My view from our Balcony

Next you need to rely on reviews (which I do all the time) but they can be quite subjective. But it’s also a great filtering process.

Finally you are left with a handful of hotels. Normally my family only stays in boutique hotels. But this time around we decided on the Daytona Beach Hyatt Place Oceanfront Hotel after a lot of consideration.

Why Stay at the Hyatt Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida?

I’ll be honest, we hardly ever stay in big chain hotels. Normally these hotels are too huge to offer the personal touch, or they are sterile missing on the really neat amenities that small hotels offer.

But my mind can be changed if enough factors shine bright lights for me. So here is why I decided on Daytona Hyatt Place:

1. Most of the hotels that are on the beach in Daytona are large no matter if they are chains or privately owned.

2. Hyatt Place hotels are smaller than the average Hyatt.

3. It was BRAND NEW. Wow, can you imagine sleeping on mattresses that have barely been slept on? Just that alone was a huge factor.

Daytona Beach Hyatt Place - florida
Testing out the new beds

4. Amazing views and directly on the beach.

5. Affordable and in our price range

6. We had three very comfortable beds in a regular room without compromising our space.

Daytona Beach Hyatt Place - sleeping area
Sitting area turned to sleeping area

7. Balcony – do I need to say anything more?

hotel in daytona beach - my personal balcony

8. Pool and jacuzzi

Daytona Beach Hyatt Place - pool and jacuzzi on the beach

9. Breakfast is included

As you can see this hotel had a ton of good points stacking up on its side and when I compared it to the others it really had a lot more to offer with all the perks of a small, personal hotel.

Video Time – See for yourself what you get when staying at this hotel


Daytona is a driving town. You really can’t get around too much without a car. Even though the hotel is really well placed close to all the major attractions, you still need a car. Gratefully, the hotel offers free parking.

Since most of the hotels on Daytona, including our hotel are high risers, the higher you are the better the views and also less noise from the streets.  We stayed on the ninth floor and it was perfect!

Fin Prices for Hyatt Place Daytona Beach-Oceanfront

Information for Daytona Beach Hyatt

The hotel definitely allows walk ins, but do you really want to arrive during one of the big events such as Daytona 500 or Bike week and be left without a room?

It’s so easy to make reservations. You can do it directly from their website or call them.


386 944 2010


3161 South Atlantic Avenue

Daytona Beach Shores


The rates vary with different times of the year, and also the amount of people in your party. But for what they offer it is a great price. Our room was $140 for all of us, including breakfast.

Bonuses: The also have different specials, either for this hotel or for the Hyatt hotels which apply as well. So check before you book.

Hotel in Daytona Beach – Hyatt Place Daytona Beach Oceanfront Review

3 thoughts on “Who Wants Beach Front and Ocean Views? Here’s a Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida To Check Out

  1. It looks like you made a great choice with views of a very, very long beach! I’ve been to Daytona a couple of times in the last year with work. So far I’ve stayed in hotels by the airport, Residence Inn and the Hilton Garden. There seems to be a fair choice of hotels in the town and a renaissance for quality by the beach front.
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