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Hotel el Convento in Leon, Nicaragua: Luxury and Uniqueness

When I first heard of El Convento Hotel in Leon, Nicaragua I was instantly drawn to it. Foremost, the fact that we would be staying in a Convent, even if it is fully refurbished and reconstructed, is different, and my kids would get a bit of a history lesson right from their room. (Rather than read off El Convento Hotel’s history, I recommend reading about it from their site. It’s fascinating!) And you have to love the slogan: Because You Deserve the Best!

After a long day of traveling, we arrived at the center of Leon and pulled into El Convento. Two bus boys immediately helped us bring our bags to our room. Just as my husband was about to complain that he was so tired to move the car to the parking lot a Valet showed up, quietly took our keys, parked the car and with the same quietness returned them. I can’t tell you how much this simplifies your life!

Hotel el Convento in Leon Nicaragua


The room we stayed in was large. With two queen size beds, we had plenty of room to place my baby’s portable crib and not feel it was even there. Most hotels pillows from afar look like they are comfortable, then you place your head on it and it’s almost a meter high and your neck gets a horrible pain. My pillows sunk me deep into them and I slept like a baby (well almost – whoever came up with that saying clearly never seen a baby sleep. They wake up all the time.)

bedroom from a hotel in Leon Nicaragua

Another great point, which I always chalk up to a must-need is a bathtub. With 2 kids, 7 and 1-year-old, it’s way easier to throw them in a tub and do a quick bath.

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Now for the fun part. A hotel to me is not only a sleeping place, it’s an experience. When someone travels with young children, you tend to do a lot of hotel time. This hotel didn’t have a pool, which is usually my son’s top must-have. But with a courtyard that is the size of my son’s school’s field, it was quickly put to the back of his worries as he ran around, burning his energy.

family boutique hotel in leon nicaragua

The hotel’s wide corridors are decorated with antiques from Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador, but it’s their lobby that is most impressive.

corridor from a hotel in nicaragua

A large altar stands tall in the high ceiling sitting area. Even though it was newly built and recently gold-plated, it will make any church jealous of its grandeur.

altar in hotel el convento leon nicaragua

This was my son’s second favorite place to spend his time, where he relaxed after a good run in the courtyard.


luxury refurbished convento hotel leon nicaragua family friendly el convento lobby

Almost every hotel we stayed at had breakfast included, but none offered a buffet and with bacon! Let me tell you, having bacon as part of the options makes ALL the difference for me.

breakfast in hotel el convento in leon nicaragua


Before heading out for a bit of sightseeing, I headed to a sitting area right next to our room and enjoyed one of the things Nicaraguans are famous for – Rocking Chairs. My husband, who is Guatemalan, says that Nicaragua has the best rocking chairs in Central America and I have to agree.

hotel leon nicaragua family friendly el convento sitting area

The hotel is very conveniently located to Leon’s Central Park and the Cathedral, which is also the largest in Central America.


I am super grateful to Victor Hugo, the general manager, and the hotel staff for making our stay so wonderful. I also had a chance to meet with Victor and his love and knowledge for the hotel and Leon is easily seen.

And don’t forget to check them out on facebook!

2 thoughts on “Hotel el Convento in Leon, Nicaragua: Luxury and Uniqueness

  1. Dear Marina,

    ThHank you very much for your kind words. We are vey proud of what we do and try every day to do the best for our clients and guests. Hope you have a wonderful trip all over Nicaragua, and that we can see you soon.

    Best Regards,

    Víctor Hugo Sevilla
    General Manager
    Hotel El Convento

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