Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua: More Than Just a Hotel


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Today we’re going to be talking about Hotel Casa Santo Domingo and Tenedor Restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo is probably one of the most luxurious, unique hotels in Guatemala overall, definitely in Antigua, Guatemala. It is an iconic hotel that is built into these incredible ruins.

Hotel Casa Santo Domingo

It’s definitely one of the most special, unique places in Antigua because it is structured with these ruins. Not only that, but it is a five-star hotel. They do have restaurants in Antigua.

There are a lot of different rooms that you can choose from. And only the people who are staying in the hotel overnight have access to the pool and a few other facilities. They also have these event rooms that are also to die for.

So if you come to Antigua, a visit to Santa Domingo is pretty much like a staple thing that you will do simply because it is so beautiful and you could just go enjoy a drink there. You don’t have to spend the night there. You don’t have to eat dinner there because it is not a cheap experience.  It is a pricey experience.

hotel santo doming antigua guatemala


However, you can just come for a dinner. They have this amazingly gorgeous, one of those beautiful restaurants I personally have ever visited inside encompass within the ruins.

The food, I always get very disenchanted with the food here. They have this spectacular place. However, the food isn’t spectacular. It’s okay. Honestly, it’s not even that memorable, but it’s the experience of being.

I always wonder, if you have this amazing place, why not make the food even more elevated and spectacular? But interestingly enough, that is really not the case. At least for me, it’s not. They do have several restaurants in the hotel area. One of them is a sushi place and it’s a great little sushi spot.

It’s not like a huge variety of sushi, but you can enjoy some sushi there. And the atmosphere is nice. It’s not as beautiful as the actual restaurant because the restaurant itself is within the ruins.

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restaurant hotel santo domingo antigua

The Hotel is a Museum

The cool thing is the hotel is part of a really huge property that has catacombs ruins that you can visit. It’s also one of the most popular, probably most expensive places to have a wedding or a different kind of ceremony where you could rent out the whole room and they just make it spectacular.

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hotel and museum santo doming antigua guatemala

Tenedor Restaurant, Antigua

The owners also have this hill, leaving a little bit outside of Antigua. It’s still totally part of Antigua and you could go up to the top and there they have another restaurant called Tenedor. Now, Tenedor restaurant, it’s a totally different kitchen, and the food there is much better. And for us, that’s where we prefer to go.

The views are spectacular. You get to see the three Guatemalan Volcanoes, fuego, Acatenango, and aqua right there in front of you. They have a museum so you can go and see a different gallery museum and they have this huge aviary as well on top that you could visit. And it’s fantastic for kids and families because they have a beautiful huge playground as well. And this is all part of Tenedor Restaurant.

How to get to Tenedor Restaurant?

It’s the same owners and you can actually get a shuttle from Santa Domingo to take you to Tenedor on top of the mountain or hill. They also have a residence where they have homes.

Tenedor restaurant antigua guatemala

Luxury Trailers

But what’s interesting is that they have a whole section where you could rent out these streamers, these trailers that are very luxurious with jacuzzis and they also have villas that you could rent out as well. You could certainly walk to Tenedor restaurant, which is right there. It’s a really big property, but if you want to just enjoy being in this air streamer or in the villa, you could have room service delivered to you as well.


Again, this is definitely not mid-budget, definitely not low-budget. This is the higher budget, the higher end of staying and visiting Antigua for everything like the food the hotel stays in, they also have a canopy tour, but it is definitely fantastic. So if you can’t afford the full on experience or even like having a full meal, just get a drink in Santo Domingo and also get a drink in Tenedor to see the sunset where it’s just fabulous. It’s definitely something that I really recommend that everybody does at least one time while they are visiting.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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