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Horse Racing 101 – How to Find out the Horse Racing Winners?

Picking the potential winners in a horse race is called as handicapping. It requires a lot of experience and insight to do this process. However, the art of handicapping is more about the capacity to assess the available statistics and the typical day’s information. But many consider it as an art as opposed to a technical approach.Horse racing and four tips on how you can pick the winning horse for the race.Take a look at this article to learn all about horse racing.

Horse Racing

This excerpt is to try and help the avid horse race enthusiasts to be a better handicapper. Let’s explore some of the most critical factors you need to consider in selecting the winners.

The racecourse, position, and length

– Check if the potential horse you consider had a proven track record in similar conditions previously. A fair winning percentage of the day’s distance is a huge plus.
– Does the horse like the type of track of today’s or what the best like dirt, turf, synthetic, etc. it can handle well.
– Position – sprint races covering one turn favor out most posts when the route races with two turn to cover a longer distance may favor inside posts.
– Horses shipped in from other tracks may usually try hard to win.

Horse Racing

Starts and layoffs

– A typical 30 to 60-day break between races is ideal for horses. However, horses which were off track for more than 90 days may take another race to get back to the peak.
– Horses which are over raced rarely win. Check for the starts over the last couple of years. It is ideal to have a combined total of starts less than 13.

The odds

– As per previous records, most of those who win are less than about 20-1 at morning line. The horses with a higher morning line odd at breeders cup schedule 2017 may have rare chances. However, sometimes many of the good priced winners may surprisingly go off being overlays, which means they tend to go off higher than the morning line odds posted.
– Horses which haven’t won may often make a comeback and perform superbly in the next few races. Keep a watch for the horses which are beaten favorites of the recent times.
– On the other hand, some horses may constantly be favored. It is better to look elsewhere for real value.
– Horses in the range of 2-1 or 6-1 odds at the last few starts may have been performing better.
– Horses which had been winning the high odds may tend to be repeated winners at high odds, so you can pay more attention to those who have grabbed success at a price.

Workout and speed

– Those horses which had shown an early speed at the recent races may be giving a clear signal that they are pacing into winning.
– Horses which show a fair early speed, but weakens overtime may have a better chance in the next race. Especially, if they now cut back regarding distance.
– Horses which run considerably horse well in the fast time may often perform decently in their next run too.
– Workouts can give a clear indication of the fitness. It is good to look for a typical bullet work before a race to see if the horse you consider is ready and all set to go.

Even though these general considerations can be made, it is essential to assess the variable factors too by the particulars of the specific racing day. Check out tomorrow’s  race cards and give it a try.

Author bio: Nelson Burch is a sports columnist and also an avid follower of the major horse racing events across the country. He has maintained the schedules of the all the major events including breeders cup schedule 2017 on his blog with some serious inputs to the followers.

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